Friday, March 5, 2010

Horse Reaction Table

Here is a horse reaction table to be used when horses are confronted with something they may find unpleasant such as a wall of fire, a dragon, belligerents, someone approaching the steed too swiftly, a snake, a loud dog, sudden noises or the smell of blood.

Horse Reaction Table (roll 2d6)
2 or less.....Throws Rider- try to buck the rider off, rider could get stomped and then horse flees.
3-4.............Bolts- the horse breaks away/flees
5-6.............Stumbling- skips steps, alter paths slightly, clearly skittish, will attempt to avoid the danger but continue path.
7.................Stop - refuses to go further. Will take 1-6 minutes to get beast to cooperate
8................Whinnies- snorting, pawing, whipping of tail, gives away position and indicated unease of horse. likely to be followed by something worse. -1 to next reaction.
9 or more...Carries On

-2 obstruction/event/encounter in path
+1 obstruction/event/encounter behind
+2 if horse being led instead of being ridden
+2 if war horse
+2 if lead animal hasn't rolled an 8 or less.
-2 if nearby PCs/NPCs alarmed
-3 if party surprised by encounter
+1 if rider is skilled equestrian
+3 if rider has empathy with animals/magical assistance
-2 if horse is overworked or treated poorly
+1 if horse is treated very well

1 comment:

  1. This is AWESOME. We're running our Weird West game tomorrow and I'm going to use this table for sure.

    We have 3 classes of horse: poor, fair, and good. I'll give those -1, 0, and +1 respectively on their reaction rolls.

    I'm going to give any character that starts the game with a horse (spends a good chunk of their starting money on one) the bonus for 'skilled equestrian'.

    Thanks for posting this! :)