Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Character Deaths in Current Campaign.

Saw a few posts recently with folks talking about lethality in campaigns.

Here's the deaths of PCs and their retainers in my current weekly campaign.

1st session: (no date, other dates are in-game)
Atlatum (Elf, M-U/T)- was disemboweled by a Buggane which bit his head off and stripped the flesh off in it's maw before spitting it at the rest of the party.

18 Sept:
Jimmy the Shimmy (young thief side-kick) - killed by a poison trap inspecting a door. Corpse used to check for traps for a while after death.

Evander the Hunter (Human Ftr)- stoned by a Basilisk

30 Sept.
Ralgluk (Elf Ftr/MU)- Taken captive by the snow Queen and her Ice Gnomes, left for dead by party, last played locked in a cell with a Yeti.

17 Nov. Drenvar (Human Ftr)- Eaten by a Wyver-Cobra, corpse was expelled as a coprolite-mummy.

21 Nov. Korian (Human MU)- killed by thieves before he could even leave for an adventure.

16 Dec. Twigberry (1/2Elf Druid)- Drowned by ghouls.

4 Jan. Norvak (Human Thf)- tumbles down mountain side on horse while fleeing an army of the dead.

12 Mar. Jeer (o-level minion) killed by vampire

14 Mar. Hughe (0-level minion) killed by vampire

Only 10 PC and retainer losses so far, I'm getting lax in my old age.
The party has also lost 2 war dogs and at least a half dozen horses.
It's been about 8 months, I've lost track of how many sessions it comes in at 35 pages in my campaign log.

6 out of 11 PC's rolled up have been lost.


  1. Lethal. :) In particular, I loved 'stoned by a basilisk'. Reading this makes me think how tame our game is compared to your kill tally (despite expected protestations to the contrary from my players).

  2. Those damn ghouls have no respect for water safety.

  3. I just sent out the fatality list to my group by email. Thirteen sessions, 15 hireling/pc/henchmen deaths and one incapacitation (lost leg).