Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Haggling Table

Some folks just love to wheel and deal when a PC is buying or selling goods. Here's a few table to aid haggling.

Step 1. Find Opening Price

If the Merchant is selling roll here:
Merchant Selling
roll......Initial asking price
2-3...... 200% of list
4-7....... 150% of list
8-10..... List Price
11-12.... 90% of list price

The player sets the counter offer and if they don't match on to the Haggling Table

If a PC is selling have the player state price and roll here:
Merchant Offer
2-3..... 10% of List
4-5..... 20% of List
6-8..... 30% of list
9-10... 75% of list
11....... 90% List
12....... Player's asking reason to haggle

If the player doesn't agree move on to the haggling table

Step Two Haggling:

Haggling Table
2........ Refuses to do business with PC
3........ The deal is off.
4-6..... Doesn't budge on price
7-8..... Offer's 10% discount on bulk purchase
9-11.... Moves price towards PC offer
12 ...... Agrees to PC offer

Haggling ends when a PC accepts a price.

Apply modifiers for clever roleplaying if one wishes.

Refuses to do business with PC - merchant will not do business with PC now. May throw PC and friends out of shop if applicable. The PC will be -2 to haggle with this merchant in the future. the penalty will be dropped after 3 sales.

The deal is off.- The merchant can't alter his price and if the PC will not pay the right amount of coin there will be no sale. The PC will be -1 to haggle with this merchant in the future. The penalty will be dropped after 2 sales.

Doesn't budge on price- the merchant holds firm to the price as it is.

Offer's 10% discount on bulk purchase- if PC buys three or more of an item (or multiple similar items) the merhcant can let them go for 10% off of his current asking price.

Moves price towards PC offer- the merchant moves the price 1/4 the difference towards his asking price and the PCs offer. This in effect reset the asking price. (ex: A merchant is trying to sell a PC a finely Crafted sword for 50 g.p. the PC has counter offered with 15 g.p., when the merhcant moves the price towards the PC's offer the price will be lowered by (50-15)/4 to find a price of 41 g.p.)

Agrees to PC offer- the sale is made. future haggling at +1 . The bonus is lost if a roll of 2 comes up on haggling roll.

Limits on haggling: Some players will Haggle all day long on even minor purchases. If a DM allows Haggling limiting haggling rolls to 3 per deal could work fairly.
One could also limit the number of haggling rolls a player is allowed per game session to the PC Charisma score.

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