Monday, January 7, 2013

Mog House Combat rules

Here are my collected House Combat Rules for MOG.

Burning Hit Points: are here

Critical Hits: Any attack roll of 20 that could hit on a roll of 18 or better is a critical.
On melee attacks add the attackers STR to the damage.
On ranged attack add the attackers DEX to the damage.
On Magical attacks with hit rolls add the attackers CHA to the damage.
Some targets will not suffer criticals from some attacks.

At Zero HP a combatant is incapacitated and may be revived. They will revive by themselves in 1-12 hours. Any healing magic revives.
A combatant must roll on the Table of Woe when they are reduced to their level or lower in negative HP. Additional wounds suffered while at negative HP total modify the roll on the Table of Woe.

Binding Wounds. If one has clean bandages on hand they may spend an entire turn binding wounds to regain one Hit Die in Hit Points.

Initiative: We are using rolling round robin initiative. Players take turns rolling initiative each round moving left from DM or starting with a point man declared by players, personal mods are applied to the roll (going into a fight with a clumsy oaf on your side can be a bad thing)
We are also using a weapon speed factor. If the initiative score for a round is under the WSF of your weapon in hand you attack with -4 to hit. If drawing a weapon in a round (and attacking) subtract the WSF from your chance of hitting additionally.

Parrying: High DEX does not constantly improve AC, a combatant may choose to parry/dodge to gain a benefit of high dexterity but in doing so they loose access to their normal attacks in a round.
Missile weapons may be parried at any range with a shield. You may only dodge range attacks made from long range or dodge any attack if you have partial cover.
3...... parry +1 to AC
4-6.... parry +2 to AC
7-14...parry +3 to AC
15-17...parry +4 to AC
18-20...parry +5 to AC
21+.... parry +6 to AC

Turtling: if one has a medium or large shield they may hide behind their shield gaining their parry bonus to AC and +2 additional points. Fighters lose the riposte when turtling. You can protect a buddy with a large shield.

Fighting with a weapon in each hand: changes the attack roll to a d16 for primary hand and d12 for off hand.  (Note no crits are being scored here)

Shields May be Splintered.  Sacrifice your shield to ignore up to your STR score in damage from an attack in a round. (borrowed from elsewhere)

Helms may be split: A character may sacrifice a helmet just as shields above but a d6 roll is required. on a 5 or more the damage is blocked. On a die roll of 1 you've been knocked out. Magical helmets apply their bonus to the roll.

Sundering Arms: you can destroy an opponents weapons. Make an attack roll with a d16, on a hit roll a d6. On a 1 drop your weapon. On a 4 or more your opponent must save or their weapon is destroyed. If their weapon is magical with a higher bonus...oops your weapon is broken instead. This same rule is used for attacking tentacles or other monster parts.

Ranged Attack Rolls: short range attack rolls are made with a normal d20 roll, medium range with d16, and long range with d12.

Spell Casting and initiative:
Most spells go off at 1/2 initiative count. ex: if initiative for the round is 9 the spell goes off on count 4. Spells with multiple rounds to cast go off at end of round.
If a caster is damaged before the spell goes off the spell can't be cast this round.

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