Thursday, January 31, 2013

Octons a Monstrous Foe for BFRPG

Armor Class: 13 or better
Hit dice: 2 +2 to 5+5
No of Attacks: Up to one per HD
Damage: 1-8 or by weapon
Movement: 30', Swim 30'
No Appearing: 1d8, Wild 2d6, Lair 3d8
Save As: Fighter of same level as HD
Treasure Type: Q,S each;D,K in lair
Exp Value: 100/175/280/405

Octons are a fierce warrior race of octopus men equally at home on land or in water.
Octons keep growing as they age and are able to wield as many weapons as possible in tentacles equal to their HD in whatever combination they favor. (ex: A mighty 5 HD Octon could have a lt crossbow, Two-handed sword and shield in it's tentacles or possibly 5 swords)
Octons regenerate 1 hp per round unless they are slain.
Due to their strange alien minds Octons of 4HD can utilize magical items allowed to clerics, those of 5HD can utilize magic items useable by clerics or mages (no more then 1 magical item will be used in a round).
Octons are difficult to surprise and are able to camouflage themselves well so as to surprise others easily.
Octons sense are extraordinary within 60' they have infravision, can see invisible 50% of the time and detect illusions 33% of the time.

Octon Armor (one piece of armor doesn't slow an octon but 2 or more reduces movement to 20')
Helmet +2 to AC
Tentacle Bracers +2 to AC (for whole set)
Each shield is an additional +1 to AC

Common Octon Weapons
Dagger, Spear, Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Shortsword, Sword, Two Handed Sword, Trident(Polearm).
Octons are able to engage in melee combat and reload a crossbow simultaneously as long as they have enough free tentacles to do so.

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