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Skills and Task Resolution on Mog

Skill and Task Resolution rules for Mog follow

Attack rolls and saving throws are made with d20's on Mog as they are in most of D&Dish games.

Other tasks that require dice to resolve will have  chance in a dx if being resolved. The more skilled someone is the more dice they will roll.

For common tasks a d6 is assigned.,with progressively difficult tasks requiring a large die.

Ability scores may modify the base chance per die if one has a notable score in a relevant ability.

Abilit modifiers for Tasks
3 or less -2 chance modifier
4-6 has a -1 chance modifier
7 to 14 there is no chance modifier
15-17 there is a +1 chance modifier
18-20 there is a +2 chance modifier
21+ there is a +3 chance modifier.

Skills are ranked by degree:
 Unskilled (no need to record)- 1 die may be rolled (if allowed at all by clever description and DM discretion)
Skilled- 2 dice may be rolled.
Expert- 3 dice may be rolled
Master- 4 dice may be rolled
GrandMaster- 5 dice may be rolled
Legendary- 6 dice may be rolled

Success: for many action a task is successful if a single die rolled is within the chance given.
for some tasks the total of successful rolls may be applied to determine degree of success.
for some tasks successful rolls may add to the success score until a threshold is reached in others if the threshold isn't reached there is still failure.
roll vs roll- success points will be added and the contestant with highest total wins. Most head to head tests have an even chance.

Ex1: Bruggar the Boss has a STR of 18 and wants to kick open a Latched door. The DM sets the base chance at 2 in 8. so the Bruggar's player must roll a 4 or less on 1d8 to open the door.

Ex2: Ned The Noisome wants to sneak up on a Morlock Sentry. Ned is an Expert at Sneaking. It's dark (an advantage for a Morlock) and there isn't a lot of cover so the DM sets the chance to 1 in 10 with wits being more important than nimbleness. Ned has modifier as his Wis is 11. Ned's player will roll 3d10 and will sneak up on the Morlock in any of the three dice come up a 1.

Ex3: Britt the Hag is brewing a healing potion. She's a Master of Medicines and working in her home. She is following a known formula so the chance of success is 4 in 6. Modified by +1 becasue of her INT of 17 so she has a 5 in 5 for success.  Crafting items requires a total score be reach on the successes; Britt is tryign for a 4th level healing potion so she must get 16 points worth of success. Britt will roll 4d6.  If britt rolls a 2,4,5, and a 6 she has 11 points of success; she can keep working at it unless all her rolls fail she will eventually complete the potion.

Ex4: Ned the Noisome is picking a very difficult lock. The DM has assigned 3in12 with a total of 6 required. Ned has nimble fingers (Dex of 16) and may ass one to the chance giving him a 4in12 and since he is an Expert Lock Picker he may roll 3d12 to attempt to open the lock adding up his successes. Poor Ned rolled a 2, 3 and 11 getting only 5 points of success. He can try again but can't add his previous success to picking the lock

Ex5: Bruggar (Str 18) and Ned(Str 14) are arm wrestling. Bruggar is a skilled Athlete, Ned isn't.
the base chance is 3 in 6.  Bruggar's chance is improved to 5in6 and Ned is still 3 in 6. Bruggar can roll 2d6 and Ned but 1d6.  Bruggar can lose if he fails with both dice or doesn't beat Ned's score (which is 3 at best). Bruggar rolls a 1 and 6, Ned rolls a 1.  They tie so  the arm wrestling continues.
Bruggar rolls a 3 and 4, Ned rolls a 3 and is still soundly beaten by Brugar.

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