Saturday, January 12, 2013

Common Pricing at Inns, Taverns and Dens of Mog

Here are following common prices for common establishments catering to the need and vices of wanderer, peddlers, and mercenaries

Wanderers special       1 zfr,  3 pints of Ale, A Roll and A Bowl of Common Fare.

A portion of Lizard/snake       6 imi
A portion of rodent(s)        7 imi
A portion of snails        8 imi
A portion of roast fowl    9 imi
A portion of roast rabbit    1 bpy
A portion of roast horse    5 cfg
A portion of shellfish        6 cfg
A portion of baked fish    7 cfg
A portion of roast pork    2 bpy
A portion of dog        9 cfg
A portion of eel        10 cfg
A portion of lamb/goat    3 bpy
A portion of roast beef    4 bpy

Best Loaf of Bread        2 bpy    a fine white bread load
2nd Best Loaf of Bread    1 bpy    white and where mixed
3rd best Loaf of Bread        3 cfg    rye bread
Fair Loaf of Bread        2 cfg   coarse dark loaf, or the above old
crusty loaf            1 cfg    coarse dark loaf or questionable age and quality

Meat Pottage,bowl        3 cfg  pottage with a notable presence of meat. better the meat the fewer and smaller the pieces
Bean/Pea Pottage,bowl    2 cfg  pottage thickened with a goodly portion of beans and or peas
Common Pottage, bowl    1 cfg   whatever is boiled in a pot
Thin Pottage, bowl        2 imi    whatever is boiled in a pot mostly water and greens

Best Ale, pt    5 cfg
2nd best Ale    1 bpy
3rd best Ale     3 cfg
Lifted Ale    2 cfg   Sour Ale sweetened and spice and maybe with a touch of grog
Sour Ale    1 cfg

Best Grog      2 bpy
2nd Best Grog  6 cfg
3rd Best Grog    1 bpy
Mixed Grog    2 cfg

Best Wine        1 zgr
2nd Best Wine        2 bpy
3rd Best Wine        1 bpy
Spiced Wine        3 cfg
Sweetened Wine    2 cf

Best Cakes and Sweets  5 bpy
2nd best Cakes and Sweets 2 bpy
3rd best Cakes and Sweets 3 cfg

Sleep in A private Room by Self 1 zgr, get a bed and room to yourself
Sleep in A private Room    2 cfg, share a bed with up to 2 other people
Sleep in a Barracks        1 cfg,  get a bunk space , may have to share a bunk
Sleep in a common room    3 imi, sleep on the floor or on a table in a nominally heated room
Sleep in stables        2 imi
Extra Fuel For Room        4 imi
A Candle or Lamp to read by    3 imi/night
Bundle of Thevish Weed     2 zgr,  aromatic to cleanse the air of a room and a light delousing

Stable a Beast            2 cfg/night
Stable a Steed            1 bpy/night
Stable a War Steed        2 bpy/night

Proper Delousing        1 zgr
Basket Of Laundry    3 cfg
A Haircut and Shave    2 cfg
Perfumed and Oiled     1 cfg, get doused in perfumes and powder, get hands and feet oiled

Best Smoke           1 cfg, enough pipweed for 20 minutes of smoking
2nd Best Smoke    2 imi
3rd Best Smoke    1 imi

Best Companionship for an Evening     1 shk, exotic companionship will cost far more
2nd best Companionship for evening    2 zgr
3rd best Companionship for Evening    1 zgr
20 Minutes of Companionship      1 cfg

Bath and Massage 6 cfg
Massage      1 bpy
Bath     3 cfg

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