Thursday, January 31, 2013

Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game

I agree with the assessments of others the BFRPG hasn't gotten a lot of attention in the blog-o-verse.
It was among the first of the retro-clones and is a very playable RPG for dungeon and wilderness adventures of all sorts. I myself used it as the rules base for a campaign that used B2, Temple of Elemental Evil and Rappan Athuak modules and it held up well.

It always been linkable here on this blog and can be found at the top of and my links section. It's free and has a heap of support materials written expressly for it. If you enjoy old school games and haven't given it a look, go do so.

My last two posts are BFRPG versions of two classes I added to my D&D game over 30 years ago. Here's the links for lightening quick navigation unheard of all the years back.

Oh yeah, did I mention it was "Basic Fantasy Role Playing Blog Appreciation Day !?!?!

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