Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skills and the Player Character

Player Characters in/on Mog will have skills allotted to them by class and as selected at character creation.

All PCs will start with 10 skill points and will earn 3 additional skill points per level after 1st level.
Skill points may be saved by the character and need not be spent.
 A player character may only advance skills by one rank per level (may not go from unskilled to legendary all at once by spending skill points).
At character creation a player may spend 3 points to be an Expert in skill as an exception to the rule above.

Skill  Cost per Rank
Skilled................... 1 skill point
Expert....................3 skill points (total 4)
Master....................4 skill points  (total 8)
Grand Master.........8 skill points  (total 16)
Legendary............16 skill points  (total 32)

Costs above are listed per rank. One must be Skilled before they spend 3 points to become expert, and one would have to be a Grand Master before they could be Legendary for 16 additional skill points.

Some skills can only be learned by studying with a Master.

characters begin play speaking common and a racial language. Language is a skill that allows a character to learn additional languages in play.
Only Acolytes and Magicians start play literate, other must pay 2 skill points.

Skill Choice:
Any task or trade is a valid choice for a skill. overly broad skills may be rejected or reduced in value by the DM.
Some common skills and tasks
Lock Picking, Hiding, Sneaking, Climbing, Open Doors, Riding, Groom (Horse), Skinning, Tracking, Foraging, Herbalism, Healing, Brewing, Alchemy, Smithing, Weapon smithing, Pick Pockets,  Sailing, Courtly Grace, Carousing, Gambling


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