Saturday, December 21, 2013

Populating the Mini Campaign Civilization

Last post on the mini-campaign I nailed down where the ruins, dungeons, and other dangerous places were. Let’s now return to civilization and get to “populating” civilization.

Back in post #3 some of the details of the civilization on the map were loosely laid out, we really aren’t going in too much deeper but a few things should get a little attention. The Castle in hex 9-2 is occupied by The Overlord, the castle in 9-4 is occuipied by the wizard Allazar (a former adventuring buddy of The Overlord), in the city we can find a clerical ally of The Overlord, and somewhere out west a thief buddy/henchman hides from the attention of his former allies.

Most of the villages are going to be okay sized places to be worth visiting but not huge. I’m going to go random again and have these villages populated by 200-800 folk.

Each town is going to need 1 or 2  trades as well to make it stand out.

Populations: (pops, trades, high level NPCs)
2-4: 400, miners and goat-herders, 8th level dwarf fighter
3-2: 700, bowyers and horse dealers, 4th level Fighter
4-5: 300, barrels and charcoal, 8th level thief
5-4: 600, Brewers and Amber miners (there’s amber in the swamps), 6th level cleric, 5 1st level clerics, 5th level MU
7-3: 500, Vineyards(wine) and Waterwheels providing a semi-mechanized lumber-mill, 6th level Fighter
8-3: 400, Barley and Beer, 2nd level thief
8-4: 500, Copper Mine and an Astrologer, 4th level MU (not the astrologer)
9-1: 400, Cow-herders and Turnips, 3rd level fighter
9-3: 2300 (it’s the big town I set it to half the size of the total of all the other villages), Shipyard, Churches, Taverns, 9th levek Cleric, 8th level cleric, 2- 3rd level and 12- 1st level clerics
9-4: 600, Redsmith and sheep herders, 3rd level fighter
10-2: 400, Fishers and an oracle, 6th level thief (retired pirate)

The Castles
9-2: Castle of the Overlord.  The Overlord 11th level Fighter, 6h level fighter, 4th level MU, 5th level cleric, 10- 2nd  level fighters (all fight as knights), 30- 1st level fighters (half have crossbows), 100 peasant levy (a draft to keep young dangerous guys in check). The overlord and his knights ride griffons (there are 2 griffons for each knight living here). 144,000 gp worth of loot.

9-4: Allazar’s Keep, 10th level MU. 3rd level MU. 12 1st level fighters (half archers), 20 Hobgoblins, 2 Ogres, and a small red dragon. Allazar has a Roc as his mount. 96,000 gp worth of loot

7-5: The Dark spire, a 6/6 fighter/MU, 30 dark elves, 50 kobolds and other possible monsters. 45,000 gp worth of loot.
5-5: Chateau De’Verde, a 3rd level fighter rules here as hereditary ruler he resent the overlord but lacks power to deal with him.  6 3rd level Fighters (knights), 30 0-level archers. 36,000 gp in loot.

1-3:  Morden’s hill fort. A remote outpost ruled by a dangerous 9th levelfighter, 5- 3rd level knights, 12- 2nd level fighters, 20- 1st level fighters. The master of the fort has a tamed red-dragon that serves as his mount. 68,000 gp in loot.

1-5: Elf Hall, here dwell 100 Elves and their Lady. 20 Pegasus riders among the elves. 40,000 gp in loot.

The castles hold over 400,000 gp in loot. They are  a prime target for thieves and those seeking power. From castle dwellers alone with exp awarded at 100 exp per hd and 1 exp per gp we are looking at a setting with about a half million exp up for grabs and we haven’t gotten to the dungeons yet.

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