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50 Hyperborean Treasures

Fifty additional Hyperborean Treasures focusing on the valuable treasure side of things over more mundane loot. Some of these could be magical treasures but no wizard has inspected them as of yet.

50 Hyperborean Treasures 
1.      Raven Skull Pendant carved from Black Obsidian.
2.      Ash Wand topped with Raves Head carved from Red Jasper
3.      Rune Covered Oak  Staff, top third wrapped in golden wire and topped with a Raven Skull carved from Lapis Lazuli
4.      Shaman’s Rod topped with Black Obsidian Owl Skull
5.      Over-sized Raven Skull carved from quartz crystal. It would make a respectable crystal ball.
6.      Skull of Sabre-toothed tiger with fangs finely scrimshawed and skull set with silver inlay.
7.      Staff of petrified wood topped with Crow skull of carved from pale jade.
8.      Moon-Iron  Torc decorated in style of raven with outspread wings.
9.      Ceremonial Headdress of raven feathers topped with stuffed raven head bearing eyes of jade.
10.   Ice bear skull Pendant carved from a piece of pale jade.
11.   Helmet topped with Ice Bear skull sporting fangs of gold.
12.   Rune covered staff topped in yeti skull fastened with sinew and golden wire.
13.   Ancient sacrificial dagger fashioned from Sabre-toothed tiger tooth with handle of mammoth ivory.
14.   Amber ring sporting a carved raven head.
15.   A ceremonial cape of eagle feathers topped with a stylized eagle head carved from wood with golden-yellow opal inserts.
16.   A moon-iron battle axe mounted in the femur of a frost giant.
17.   A cedar box holding the gold covered skull of an ancient evil jarl.
18.   A great wooden chest filled with ice which preserves the still living head of a frost giant.
19.   A great chain of alternating rings of silver and gold sporting a dozen shrunken heads of hyperborean warriors.
20.   A great clear crystal urn holding the pickled head of an unknown jarl.
21.   A long cedar coffer dressed in brasstacks and a central ivory boss atop, holding the preserved heads of a long dead southern prince and his three young sons.
22.   Skull of an evil wizard engraved with a whirling motif of wind and ravens.
23.   A great silver spike bearing three skewered skulls with ruby eyes.
24.   A golden shield boss embossed with an eagle.
25.   A Moon-iron boline with a unicorn horn handle.
26.   A Sabre-toothed tiger skull cast from silver holding a stylized head of a troll (carved from amber) within it’s mouth.
27.   Mummified hand of a dead hero holding a silver dagger wrapped tight with golden wire.
28.   A silver chain sporting a score of leathered ears of fallen warriors.
29.   A corselet of walrus ivory.
30.   A full hauberk of moon-iron decorated here and there with fine silver feathers.
31.   A byrnie of silver plumata with a light iron mail backing.
32.   An ancient Scutum decorated in silver with an ivory eagle boss.
33.   An ancient helmet decorated with silver inlay and an intact crest of pegasi mane.
34.   Ancient iron falx inlaid with battle chants with handle of mammoth ivory.
35.   Archaic Xiphos of Blackened Hepatizon with re-worked handle of walrus ivory.
36.   A Golden Lion-head buckler pierced by the tooth of a gigantic Ice Bear.
37.   Fossilized Skull of Saurian King covered in runes and dressed with emerald chips.
38.   Opalized remains of a fairy.
39.   A petrified Fairy dangling as a pendant on an iron chain.
40.   Calcified remains of a fairy pierced with an iron arrow. (The fairy is fake)
41.   A Throne of Petrified Wood astride a pile of fastened opalized goblin skulls.
42.   A toothpick carved from an imp femur set with a tiny ruby on the blunt end.
43.   A bronze great-axe set in a haft of yeti bones lashed together with strips of black dragon skin and resin.
44.   Silver ring set with Red Jasper Flaming Skull.
45.   A ring of Red Jasper carved in the likeness of a fire giant jarl.
46.   Ring of coiled serpents carved from Obsidian.
47.   Jade ring sporting a screaming skull.
48.   Silver ring sporting the head of an enraged saber-tooth with chip sof ruby set in it’s eyes.
49.   Braided ring carved from a stone of Tiger’s Eye
50.   A scotched iron giant’s crown bearing the rune carved skulls of three dead kings.

other Hyperborean loot:

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