Friday, May 23, 2014

Monster Hunting

Need a monster that fits your campaign or next adventure just right? Well a ref has an incredible host of monsters to choose from when creating campaigns and stocking dungeons. The original Monster Manual had hundreds and many volumes have followed since for many iterations and emulations of the game (and related games). Online sources such as the pathfinder SRD and the Swords and wizard SRD give ready access to several hundred monsters and different takes on them. Blogs and fan websites offer an incredible array of gruesome grues to populate your game world with. There is no shortage of monsters out there to dig through when making selections for your campaign.

Here’s a list of free monster sources: 

Pathfinder SRD Bestiary

The Basic Fantasy Field Guide to Creatures Malevolent and Benign

Oriental Monsters A Supplement for B/X

What Lies Beyond: the Chapman Bestiary:

The list above is incomplete there are other free collections out there and countless blog posts but the thousands of monsters available in the selections above should provide a good starting point. Don’t forget all the clones and simulacrum games that have free versions have lot's of monsters in them too. Happy Monster Hunting !

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