Friday, May 16, 2014

Basic Foodstuff of Spacers

Ever wonder what the cook has on the boil down in the galley, what the nutri-replicators use to shape the dishes it spits out, or just what the heck there is to eat on that thousand year old space hulk?
Wonder no more here's 10 yummy basic food stuffs for stellar traveling camapigns.

Basic Spacer Grub

Phaetonic Nims
These vaguely edible parasites are harvested from cool white dwarf stars where they dwell by the billions upon billions.
Void Krill
 Best described as butterfly winged shrimp these creatures are scooped up by slowships beyond the heliosphere of main sequence stars with life bearing worlds.
Reclaimed Protein Gel
 Where’s this reclaimed protein come from? Don’t ask. Some spacers note there’s plenty of it on hand after Taco Tuesday.
Soylent Teal
 Good news is it isn’t people but it does tend to induce suicide sometime after the 100th consecutive meal.
Crunchy Calcium Cubes
 All the goodness and pleasure of chewing dry dusty bones.
Aqueous Dole Brick
 Rock hard until you turn it to mush in a bowl of water.
Condensed Jovian Miasma
 If carefully processed the particulates from some gas giants can prove to be nutritious and hardly ever toxic.
Nutritional Yeast Flakes
 nothing beats the yummy goodness of stabilized dry flakes of yeast.
Star Whale Blubber
Served in big rubbery slabs or as deep fried crunchy strips.
Algae Stew
 The taste just grows on you… not in you, trust us.

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