Thursday, May 1, 2014

300 Firearms

A table of 300 firearms to be put in the hands of villains or in leave in treasure troves.

1.      Touch-lock Fire Lance
2.      Touch-lock Hand Gonne w/Demonic Motif Brass-work
3.      Touch-lock Hand Gonne elaborately decorated with Draconic Motif
4.      Touch-lock Arquebus
5.      Touch-lock Wallgun
6.      Touch-lock Hand Culverin
7.      Matchlock Fire Lance
8.      Matchlock Hand Gonne
9.      Matchlock Hand Gonne with Lion-mouthed muzzle
10.   Matchlock Arquebus
11.   Matchlock Arquebus with acid-etched floral decoration
12.   Matchlock Temple gun with jade inlay
13.   Matchlock Petronel
14.   Matchlock Caliver
15.   Matchlock Tanegashima
16.   Matchlock Musket
17.   Matchlock Musket with Ivory and Bone Inlay
18.   Matchlock Musketoon
19.   Matchlock Fusil
20.   Matchlock Carbine
21.   Matchlock Rifle
22.   Matchlock Long Rifle
23.   Matchlock Blunderbuss
24.   Matchlock Jezail, finely decorated with inlays of ivory and opal
25.   Matchlock Wall gun
26.   Matchlock Howdah Pistol
27.   Matchlock Hand Culverin
28.   Wheel Lock Arquebus
29.   Wheel Lock Temple Gun
30.   Wheellock Petronel, muzzle is grinning gorgon
31.   Wheellock Caliver, with silver and ivory patchbox in stock
32.   Wheellock Tanegashima
33.   Wheellock Musket with decorated trigger guard set with four pearls
34.   Wheellock Musketoon
35.   Wheellock Fusil
36.   Wheellock Carbine with gold-plated furniture
37.   Wheellock Rifle with mahogany stock and bone inlay
38.   Wheellock Long Rifle with silver sling swivels
39.   Wheellock Blunderbuss
40.   Wheellock Jezail with finely decorated bronze fittings.
41.   Wheellock Wall gun
42.   Wheellock Howdah Pistol
43.   Wheellock Pocket Pistol with floral mother-of-pearl inlay
44.   Wheellock Pocket Pistol w/concealed winding spindle
45.   Wheellock Gentleman’s Pistol
46.   Wheellock Gentleman’s Pistol w/concealed winding spindle
47.   Wheel Lock Pistol-Shield
48.   Wheellock Belt Pistol
49.   Wheellock Belt Pistol w/Spring-loaded Bayonet
50.   Wheellock Belt Pistol w/concealed winding spindle
51.   Wheellock Belt Pistol with ball ornament on pistol butt
52.   Double-Barrel Turnover Wheel Lock Belt Pistol
53.   Triple-Barreled Turnover Wheel Lock Belt Pistol
54.   Triple-Barreled Turnover Wheel Lock Belt Pistol w/concealed winding spindle
55.   Four-Barreled Turnover Wheel Lock Belt Pistol
56.   Five-Barreled Turnover Wheel Lock Belt Pistol
57.   Wheellock Dagger-Pistol with elaborate garde
58.   Wheel Lock Pistol-Axe
59.   Wheellock Horse Pistol
60.   Wheellock Horse Pistol w/concealed winding spindle and hinged dagger
61.   Ball-butted Wheellock Horse Pistol
62.   Wheelock Horse Pistol, ball ornament on butt with integrated vent pick
63.   Rat-Tailed Wheellock Horse Pistol
64.   Rat-Tailed Wheellock Horse Pistol w/Concealed Stiletto
65.   Double-Barrel Turnover Wheellock Horse Pistol
66.   Triple-Barreled Turnover Wheellock Horse Pistol
67.   Wheellock Hand Mortar
68.   Wheellock Hand Culverin
69.   Wheel Lock Pistol-hilted Sword
70.   Pistol-handled Wheel Lock Cane
71.   Snaplock Petronel
72.   Snaplock Caliver
73.   Snaplock Musket
74.   Snaplock Musketoon
75.   Snaplock Fusil
76.   Snaplock Carbine
77.   Snaplock Rifle with walnut stock and ivory buttplate
78.   Snaplock Long Rifle with capped tube set in stock able to hold 7 balls
79.   Snaplock Blunderbuss
80.   Snaplock Jezail
81.   Snaplock Wall Gun
82.   Snaplock Howdah Pistol
83.   Snaplock Pocket Pistol
84.   Snaplock Gentleman’s Pistol
85.   Snaplock Belt Pistol
86.   Snaplock Horse Pistol
87.   Ball-butted Snaplock Horse Pistol
88.   Snaplock Hand Mortar
89.   Miquelet Petronel
90.   Miquelet Caliver
91.   Miquelet Musket with elaborate aquatic motif and fishtail stock
92.   Miquelet Musketoon
93.   Miquelet Fusil
94.   Miquelet Carbine
95.   Miquelet Rifle with integrated powder reservoir in stock
96.   Miquelet Long Rifle
97.   Miquelet Blunderbuss
98.   Miquelet Jezail
99.   Miquelet Wall Gun
100.                    Miquelet Howdah Pistol
101.                    Miquelet Gentleman’s Pistol
102.                    Miquelet Belt Pistol
103.                    Miquelet Horse Pistol
104.                    Miquelet Hand Mortar
105.                    Snaphance Musket
106.                    Cheekstock Snaphance Musket
107.                    Snaphance Musketoon
108.                    Snaphance Fusil
109.                    Double-Barreled Snaphance Fusil
110.                    Snaphance Carbine
111.                    Snaphance Rifle
112.                    Cheepstock Snaphance Rifle
113.                    Snaphance Long Rifle
114.                    Snaphance Blunderbuss
115.                    Snaphance Wall Gun
116.                    Snaphance Pocket Pistol with gold-plated furniture
117.                    Snaphance Gentleman’s Pistol
118.                    Snaphance Belt Pistol clad in silver
119.                    Snaphance Dueling Pistol
120.                    Snaphance Horse Pistol
121.                    Ball-butted Snaphance Horse Pistol
122.                    Doglock Musket
123.                    Cheekstock Doglock Musket
124.                    Doglock Musket w/spring-loaded bayonet
125.                    Doglock Musketoon
126.                    Doglock Fusil
127.                    Cheekstock Doglock Fusil
128.                    Doglock Carbine with stock wrapped in gold wire
129.                    Doglock Carbine and sping-loaded bayonet
130.                    Doglock Rifle with fancy brass-sheathed stock
131.                    Cheekstock Doglock Rifle
132.                    Doglock Long Rifle with silver furniture
133.                    Doglock Blunderbuss
134.                    Doglock Wall Gun
135.                    Docklock Pocket Pistol
136.                    Doclock Gentleman’s Pistol, small pillbox in handle
137.                    Doglock Belt Pistol
138.                    Doglock Dueling Pistol with integrated flask in pistol butt
139.                    Doglock Dueling Pistol with gold-plated furniture
140.                    Doglock Horse Pistol
141.                    Ball-butted Doglock Horse Pistol
142.                    Flintlock Musket
143.                    Flintlock musket w/fishtail stock
144.                    Cheekstock Flintlock Musket
145.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Musket
146.                    Flintlock Musketoon
147.                    Double Barrel side by side Musketoon
148.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Musketoon
149.                    Flintlock Fusil
150.                    Cheekstock Flintlock Fusil
151.                    Double Barrel side by side Flintlock Fusil
152.                    Double-Barrel over and under Flintlock Fusil
153.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Fusil
154.                    Flintlock Carbine
155.                    Flintlock Carbine w/flared stock
156.                    Cheekstock Flintlock Carbine
157.                    Double-Barreled side by side Flintlock Carbine
158.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Carbine
159.                    Double-Barreled Over and Under Flintlock Carbine
160.                    Flintlock Rifle
161.                    Flintlock Rifle w/hinged patchbox in stock
162.                    Cheekstock Flintlock Rifle
163.                    Double Barreled side by side Flintlock Rifle
164.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Rifle
165.                    Flintlock Long Rifle, with silver butt-plate.
166.                    Flintlock Blunderbuss
167.                    Flintlock Blunderbuss w/Ivory sliding patchbox in stock
168.                    Double-Barreled Blunderbuss muzzles decorated elaborately as angel and devil
169.                    Flintlock Jezail, with inlay of bone and teeth
170.                    Flintlock Jezail w/silver and ivory adornments
171.                    Flintlock Wall Gun with grinning gargoyle muzzle
172.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Wall gun
173.                    Flintlock Howdah Pistol
174.                    Double Barreled side by side Flintlock Howdah Pistol
175.                    Breach Loading Flintlock Howdah Pistol
176.                    Flintlock Pocket Pistol
177.                    Silver-Plated Flintlock Pocket Pistol
178.                    Flintlock Gentleman’s Pistol
179.                    Flintlock Belt Pistol
180.                    Rat-Tailed Flintlock Belt Pistol
181.                    Double-Barreled Turnover Flintlock Belt Pistol
182.                    Triple-Barreled Turnover Flintlock Belt Pistol
183.                    3-Barreled Pepeperbox Flintlock Belt Pistol
184.                    4-Barreled Pepperbox Flintlock Belt Pistol
185.                    5-Barreleld Pepperbox Flintlock Belt Pistol
186.                    Flintlock Horse Pistol
187.                    Flintlock Horse Pistol w/flared butt
188.                    Flintlock Horse Pistol w/Ivory adornments
189.                    Rat-Tailed Flintlock Horse Pistol
190.                    Double-Barreled Turnover Flintlock Horse Pistol
191.                    Triple-Barreled Turnover Flintlock Horse Pistol
192.                    3-Barreled Pepperbox Flintlock Horse Pistol
193.                    4-Barreled Pepperbox Flintlock Horse Pistol
194.                    Flintlock Hand Mortar
195.                    Wyrdlock Fire Lance
196.                    Wyrdlock Hand Gonne
197.                    Wyrdlock Arquebus with stock of opalized wood
198.                    Wyrdlock Temple gun
199.                    Wyrdlock Petronel
200.                    Wyrdlock Caliver, ebony stock with ivory and silver inlay
201.                    Wyrdlock Musket
202.                    Wyrdlock Musketoon
203.                    Wyrdlock Fusil, stock carved from dragon bone
204.                    Wyrdlock Blunderbuss
205.                    Wyrdlock Jezail with platinum fittings
206.                    Wyrdlock Pocket Pistol
207.                    Wyrdlock Gentleman’s Pistol
208.                    Wyrdlock Belt Pistol
209.                    Wyrdlock Horse Pistol with brass mace-butt
210.                    Wyrdlock Hand Mortar, screams like banshee when fired
211.                    Wyrdlock Hand Culverin, 2HD or less within 20’ must save vs fear when fired or flee
212.                    Saint’s Lock Fire Lance
213.                    Saint’s Lock Hand Gonne
214.                    Saint’s Lock Arquebus
215.                    Saint’s Lock Temple gun
216.                    Saint’s Lock Petronel
217.                    Saint’s Lock Caliver
218.                    Saint’s Lock Tanegashima
219.                    Saint’s Lock Musket, stock is festooned with elaborate pattern in brass tacks
220.                    Saint’s Lock Musketoon
221.                    Saint’s Lock Fusil
222.                    Saint’s Lock Blunderbuss
223.                    Saint’s Lock Jezail
224.                    Saint’s Lock Wall Gun
225.                    Psi-Lock Arquebus
226.                    Psi-Lock Temple gun
227.                    Psi-Lock Petronel
228.                    Psi-Lock Caliver
229.                    Psi-Lock Tanegashima
230.                    Psi-Lock Musket
231.                    Psi-Lock Musketoon
232.                    Psi-Lock Fusil with huge mood-stone set in stock
233.                    Psi-Lock Carbine
234.                    Psi-Lock Rifle inlayed with platinum pentacles
235.                    Psi-Lock Long Rifle
236.                    Psi-Lock Blunderbuss
237.                    Psi-Lock Jezail
238.                    Psi-Lock Howdah Pistol
239.                    Psi-Lock Belt Pistol
240.                    Psi-Lock Belt Pepperbox (5 Barrel) Pistol
241.                    Psi-Lock Horse Pistol
242.                    Psi-Lock Hand Mortar
243.                    Musket Air-gun
244.                    Fusil Air-gun
245.                    Carbine Air-gun
246.                    Rifle Air-gun
247.                    Zephyrlock Arquebus
248.                    Zephyrlock Temple gun
249.                    Zephyrlock Petronel decorated in avian motif
250.                    Zephyrlock Caliver
251.                    Zephyrlock Musket
252.                    Zephyrlock Musketoon
253.                    Zephyrlock Fusil
254.                    Zephyrlock Carbine
255.                    Zephyrlock Rifle
256.                    Zephyrlock Long Rifle
257.                    Zephyrlock Blunderbuss
258.                    Zephyrlock Jezail with orichalcum fittings
259.                    Zephyrlock Gentleman’s Pistol
260.                    Zephyrlock Belt Pistol
261.                    Zephyrlock Horse Pistol
262.                    Xornload Hand Gonne
263.                    Xornload Arquebus
264.                    Xornload Temple gun
265.                    Xornload Petronel
266.                    Xornload Caliver
267.                    Xornload Musket with diamonds set in stock
268.                    Xornload Musketoon
269.                    Xornload Fusil with barrel carved from elemental diamond
270.                    Xornload Hand Mortar
271.                    Xornload Hand Culverin
272.                    Pyromantic Fire Lance
273.                    Pyromantic Hand Gonne
274.                    Pyromantic Arquebus
275.                    Pyromantic Temple gun
276.                    Pyromantic Petronel
277.                    Pyromantic Caliver
278.                    Pyromantic Tanegashima
279.                    Pyromantic Musket
280.                    Pyromantic Musketoon
281.                    Pyromantic Fusil with daemonic brass inlay
282.                    Double-Barreled Turnover Pyromantic Fusil
283.                    Triple-Barreled Turnover Pyromantic Fusil
284.                    Pyromantic Carbine
285.                    Pyromantic Rifle
286.                    Pyromantic Long Rifle
287.                    Pyromantic Blunderbuss
288.                    Pyromantic Jezail
289.                    Pyromantic Wall Gun
290.                    Pyromantic Howdah Pistol
291.                    Pyromantic Pocket Pistol
292.                    Pyromantic Gentleman’s Pistol
293.                    Pyromantic Belt Pistol
294.                    Pyromantice 3-Barrel Pepperbox Belt Pistol
295.                    Pyromantice 4-Barrel Pepperbox Belt Pistol
296.                    Pyromantic Dueling Pistol
297.                    Pyromantic Horse Pistol
298.                    Triple-Barreled Turnover Pyromantic Horse Pistol
299.                    Pyromantic Hand Mortar
300.                    Pyromantic Hand Culverin

Pyrmonatic, Xornload, and Zephyr Locks are firearms that make use of a bound elemental, each time they are fired the elemental suffers a point of damage. The elemental will slowly healon days it is not fired, should it die the firearm will crumble to dust. If such a weapon is impacted by dispel magic there will be a very angry elemental released. Each is fired as a nomal gun but no ignition is needed for the pyromatice lock, no bullets for the xornload, and no powder for the zephyr-lock.

Wyrdlocks can only be fired by spellcasters. Targets within effective range may be harmed by the shot as if it were a magical weapon. Caster must save each time or they loose lowest level spell.

 Saint'slocks may only be fired by those able to work divine rituals (or turn undead). No powder needed and shots count as if blessed. Each time fired the user must make a reaction check, on a poor reaction the gun will not fire for the rest of the day.

Psi-locks may only be fired by those with psionic powers. No powder needed. Any psionic powers attempted by user on or after round of weapon discharge have double the usual cost.

Everything else is pretty-much real world. A pepperbox here is a revolver with a full barrel for each shot that otherwise functions as a revolver (1 in 20 chance of all barrels going off at once). A turnover is a multishot weapon where the barrel assembly must be manually turned by the user.


  1. this is great!
    in glorantha RQ1-2 dwarf guns needed 1pt ignite spell to fire often with spell built in gun with dwarf only conditions

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