Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alignments of the Alleys and Gutters

Alignment- how one gets on with others in the alleys,gutters, and backrooms as well as in brightly lit places and public squares. Should a player stray form their professed alignment of a PC they will not suffer any loss beyond the reaction of cronies and other NPC (and this can be catastrophic as contacts, family and business associates turn their back on the wayward).

Loyal (L)- A loyal being is ardent, steadfast, dutiful and dependable. A loyal man will keep his mouth shut when needed and hold to a code of honor. Loyal folk can be relied upon to stick to agreements even with traditional enemies as long as conditions hold and decorum preserved.

Natural(N)- Ordinary folk hold to simple natural tuths. They are generally self-serving in their motives but not beyond holding to a code of honor that keeps association with group as important as themselves. It’s natural to defend one’s family and put your neck out for them, it’s odd to leap to the defense of a foreign stranger being set upon by ruffians in a dark alley at night. 

Corrupt(C) – A corrupt being is crooked, fraudulent and untrustworthy. These two-faced bent and based backstabbers can rarely be trusted and only pretend to hold to a code of honor to find advantage over others.

It should be noted in this arrangement of alignments good and evil are cosmic forces beyond the demands of normal life and while they are indeed true forces how one binds themselves too them will still be expressed by following of professed alignment. Not all Loyal folk are on the same team, not all Natural folk can be reiled upon to do the same thing, and not all Corrupt folk are entirely wicked.

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