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More Hyperborean Gear and Loot

100 additional pieces of Hyperborean gear and loot to be found in the wild northern realms. Roll on this list or my older one when you want to give your northmen somehting more than another pouch of coins.

More Hyperborean Gear and Loot

  1. Copper Ice Saw with simply carved walrus ivory grip.
  2. Stone-toothed Wooden Ice Saw with fancy antler handle.
  3. Iron Ice Saw with simple but well-crafted hardwood handle.
  4. Horn Ice Saw with caribou bone grip.
  5. Horn Snow Knife with short knobby antler handle
  6. Antler Snow Knife with long wooden handle
  7. Bone Snow Knife with integrated finely carved grip
  8. Copper Snow Knife with fancy antler grip
  9. Bronze Snow Knife with ivory handle.
  10. Iron Snow Knife with fancy muskox horn handle
  11. Snow Knife- made from horn/antle/bone/metal, metal ones will have handles of muskox horn, antler, wood, or ivory. Used to construct snow houses.
  12. Snow-tester of horn.
  13. Snow tester of whalebone with fancy decoration.
  14. Ice-tester, long wooden rod with fancy ivory fittings.
  15. Antler Ulu- “woman’s knife”used for skinning and cleaning game, food cutting and other domestic needs.
  16. Musk Ox horn Ulu with finely carved bone handle.
  17. Walrus Ivory Ulu with integrated handle.
  18. Copper Ulu with musk ox horn handle.
  19. Decorated Bronze Ulu with ivory handle.
  20. Iron Ulu with fancy hardwood handle.
  21. Small Horn Ulu with hardwood handle.
  22. Finely decorated small Ivory Ulu.
  23. Small Bronze Ulu with silver handle and fitting to be hung by chain or thong from neck.
  24. Toggling Harpoon- with bone head.
  25. Toggling Harpoon with stone head
  26. Toggling Harpoon with copper head
  27. Toggling Harpoon with iron head.
  28. Bolas, weights are held in fine decorated felt.
  29. Bolas, carved bronze grimacing heads at end of lines.
  30. Cable-backed Baleen Bow.
  31. Cable-backed Horn Bow.
  32. Cable-Backed Wooden Bow.
  33. Finely carved caribou-bone Spear-thrower.
  34. Fancy Spear-thrower of wood.
  35. Floating Spear-thrower. If dropped in water it floats and is retrievable.
  36. Heavy Spear-thrower with stone hammer head (useable as club or Warhammer as well as spear-thrower)
  37. Whale-bone War Club.
  38. Wooden War Club with painted grimacing head.
  39. Copper-headed Warclub with Ivory handle.
  40. Fine Bone War Harpoon.
  41. Copper headed War Harpoon.
  42. Bronze headed War Harpoon with decorated shaft.
  43. Wooden Ammasalik- a touch map of showing a length of coast.
  44. Antler Ammasalik showing a river run.
  45. Ivory Ammasalik showing a deep sea route between islands.
  46. Soapstone Kudlik- a lamp or camp stove made of soapstone.
  47. Decorated pottery Kudlik.
  48. Fancy Bronze Kudlik.
  49. Enchanted Copper Kudlik will light by a command word if supplied with oil.
  50. Simply Bone snow Goggles with leather thong.
  51. Fancy Ivory Snow Goggles.
  52. Antler Snow Goggles carved with Fox motif will allow wearer to see invisible 3 times a day for 20 minutes (each time).
  53. Amaut- a woman’s parka with integrated baby-pouch. There are sleeveless summer fashions.  A tailed amaut would be decorated by decorative and functional talismans made from patterns of beads, shells, and pierced coins.
  54. Fancy summer Amaut with extensive beadwork.
  55. Tailed Amaut decorated with a couple dozens of  pierced coins from many lands.
  56. Amaut of Peaceful Striding. Mother’s song and baby cries will not carry beyond 30’.
  57. Tailed Amaut with Bear Talisman. If mother is still an ice bear has but a 1% chance of noticing mother and child (5% for other bears).
  58. Parka of caribou hide.
  59. Parka of sealskin with fancy decoration.
  60. Sealskin Rain Cape
  61. Sharkskin Rain Cape
  62. Capote- a long hooded blanket coat.
  63. Capote of Trackless striding. Will not leave tracks for a span of up to 3 miles.
  64. Mukluk- a reindeer skin boot lined is soft fur.
  65. Decorated Mukluks.
  66. Beaded Mukluks.
  67. Fancy Felt Mukluks (with reindeer hide soles).
  68. Truefoot Mukluks- the wearer cannot slip on normal ice and is +2 to save vs slipping in magical conditions.
  69. Slipper-socks- heavy socks with reinforced hide souls meant as domestic wear.
  70. Slipper-socks of warmth. +5 to save vs natural cold while worn. Long overland travel will ruin.
  71. Sea Kayak- long kayak meant for long voyages over open sea.
  72. Touring Kayak- medium kayak.
  73. River Kayak- short kayak meant for river travel, the only one capable of dealing with rapids.
  74. Swift Kayak, a sea kayak enchanted to travel twice as fast as normal.
  75. Floating Kayak Paddle
  76. Leather Archers Bracer
  77. Fancy Bone Splint Bracer.
  78. Archers Bracer of finely carved wooden splints.
  79. Pair of leather bracers with polished opal stones set in silver bosses.
  80. Talking Stick- a decorated staff meant for use in meetings and ceremonies.
  81. Talking Stick of Eloquence. The bearer will be able to speak as if +2 to Charisma (max 18).
  82. Talking Stick of Watchful Spirits. Anyone attempting to lie or deceive while holding this walking stick must save versus wands or all will know without a doubt they are a fraud.
  83. Dog Travois- a frame sledge/sled meant to carry goods dragged by a dog.
  84. Folding Dog Travois- a marvelous travois that can be folded up and worn by a dog as a normal collar (when empty).
  85. Horse Travois- a frame sledge/sled meant to be dragged by a horse.
  86. Horse Travois of trackless passage. The horsetracks will still remain but the travois itself will leave no marks of it’s passage.
  87. Travois of the Horse Lords Bounty. A Horse drawing this magical travois will be able to draw triple their normal load.
  88. Thralls Travois- a frame sledge/sled meant to be pulled by a thrall/slave.
  89. Travois of The Tireless Thrall- a thrall can draw twice their maximum load as if but lightly encumbered.
  90. Travois of the Resting Warrior. This magical Travois can be drawn by dog, horse or thrall and a wounded person carried within it will not die of poison or disease while traveling and anyone being carried for half a day or longer will also recover 2-7 HP.
  91. Weather stick- a balsam or birch rod mounted outdoors. Curves upward as humidity decrease, downward as humidity increases.
  92. Tumpline- a pack with headstrap used to carry heavy loads.
  93. Tumpline Chair- meant to carry invalids, wounded or children upon the back of a bearer.
  94. Jotun’s Tumpline- this magical tumpline will allow anyone to carry as much as a frost giant.
  95. Folding Sled- a full iszed sled that may be folded up and carried in a pouch when empty.
  96. Dogsled- menat to be drawn behind a team of dogs to transport goods and travel
  97. Dogsled of Peaceful Journey- dogs will never argue while pulling it and the sled it’s rider, and dogs may not be heard from 100’ away or further.
  98. Snowshoes of The Bear- these magical snowshoes will leave behind bear tracks instead of normal tracks.
  99. Skis of The Rapid Jaunt- user may travel double speed for 6 consecutive turns.
  100. Ice-shoes of The Reindeers Stride- these ice-shoes of reindeer antler allow one built to travel over long distances of ice with no chance of slipping.
check these posts for additional treasures and gear that would go well with stone aged northern hauls.

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