Tuesday, September 27, 2011

922 Platinum Pieces

"Tasmetus has 922 platinum that can be spent on the expedition, just uh...try to not let everyone else spend it all if you can. Negotiate and bargain as if you were ME okay?" said a regular player who can't make it to the next session as he calls me to notify me and authorize spending his 922 platinum pieces (about 75% of his money according to my accounting) in the upcoming session as the party is hiring a ship, and hirelings to go on a crazy gold-hunting scheme.

So he's authorized me, the one guy at the table who's often comes up with schemes to part the PCs from their money so as to motivate other money seeking adventures on their part, to spend his money. Really?

I could of course just hand the other players the money and encourage them not to spend all of it, I'm sure they'd be fair...

He's forgetting the two highest level characters in the party ( (of which he is one)) are rich, another is well-off and everyone else has what equates to pocket change in paying for a large expedition. I know ultimately I'll be fair but I don't really need to spend a lot of valuable table time arguing with the players over how to spend funds.

So would you trust your DM and fellow players to spend 922 Platinum Pieces (valued at 9220 g.p. in this campaign and most of your fortune) in your absence?


  1. As long as I come back laughing and there's a good adventure going on, I'd be pleased.

  2. No! Never! I know what they'd do! They'd spend it all on farm animals and dresses. Or, you know, other worthless items to an adventurer.

  3. Here's what the party bought tonight:

    2.25 Tons of Bread fixings
    2.25 tons of Dry Beans
    2.25 Tons of Corn/Grain (not for bread)
    2.25 Tons of Salt Pork
    2.25 tons of Pickled Cabbage
    6 tons of fodder and feed for beasts
    2 Kegs of Good Ale
    4 Kegs of Common Ale
    1 Tun of Molases
    400 sq-ft fish net
    30 fish hooks
    1000' of fishing line
    3 lengths of silk rope (100' each)
    2 Mules
    24 goats
    100 chickens
    1000 torches
    10-10 sq-ft pieces segments of tarp
    1-20 sq-ft tarp
    2 large skin boats
    10 canoes
    miscellaneous camp supplies

    10 Long-swords

    Trading goods- an assortment cheap iron axeheads, knives, arrow heads, fishhooks, sewing awls and small cook pots.

    Deposit on a hiring a ship and all supplies listed above 6600 g.p.

    36 hirelings (sailors and men-at-arms) for 360 g.p. a month + 360 g.p. hiring bonus
    Ship captain and crew for 1,000 g.p. a month.

    Planned expedition time 2 months.

    All to follow a rumor they heard in a Tavern 6 months earlier.

  4. My wife wants to know what the hell they plan to do with the livestock after they get off the ship. She says "this is what happens when you don't have a woman in the group"

  5. I don’t know that I’d be that willing. I think it greatly depends on how invested I am in the current quest. To help overthrow the evil king? Sure. To finance a treasure hunt? Not so much.

    What they ended up getting is certainly interesting. I'm really impressed at their dedication to following up on a 6 month old rumor. Of course now there has to be SOMETHING there, even if you hadn't planned on it.