Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fighter Level Titles

There's an excellent post here : that discusses the nature of level titles and how they could be much more significant to a campaign if they actually described something about the capabilities of the classes in question. There's an excellent christian-like hiearchy given as an example.

Here now is a set of level titles I worked up for Fighters some time ago but just fleshed out to describe each level.

1. Armsman- one who bears arms. Armsmen have the right to bear arms of war and make use of this right.

2.Warrior- one who is a capable and practiced at the art of war . A warrior may freely travel with their arms and may bear a personal badge along with the coat-of-arms of their lord.

3.Gallant/Ravager- A worthy fighter of some renown charged with delivering messages and assisting commanders. They may serve as sergeants on the field of battle. Gallants have the right to bear a modified coat of arms.

4.Champion- one who has proven themselves to be above most other men in force of arms and able to serve as a judicial champion. A champion may stand in another's place in matters decided by trial of combat. Champions have the right to carry a unique coat of arms.

5. WeaponMaster- a man who has mastered arms. A pinnacle in the use of one arm or a lesser master of several. A weapon-master may attract students and gain requests from lord's to train his heirs and men-at-arms.

6. Slayer- a fighter who's name is as death to enemies. Slayers have the right to serve as judges and executioners in the name of their lord. Some slayers may be employed as bounty-hunters.

7. Guardian/Destroyer- Fighters charged and capable of defending territories or destroying territories of foes. Guardians have the right to charge tolls to assist their task. Many a guardian serves as a Seneschal for a higher ranking lord.

8. Battlemaster- A master of the battle either a commander of renown or one able to strike as a cohort alone. A Battlemaster is capable of leading an entire army in a lord's name.

9. Warlord- one capable of building and securing realms through force of arms. A Warlord will attract other Fighters to his banner as he builds his realm and legend.

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