Friday, September 16, 2011

Undead Map Monsters

The following image is part of a collection of monster map icons. These and those that will follow in future posts are inspired by the old Heroquest game which had an adventure booklet full of one page dungeons where monsters were indicated on the map with graphics. I liked the idea then and I still like the idea.

Legal Mumbo-jumbo:
These map symbols are copyright 2011 by James D. Jarvis, anyone is free to use them for private, shared or commercial projects all I ask is to be notified about the project (a comment here would work fine) and to be credited for my contribution to your project (a link to this post would be cool). An exact copy of the specific image above isn't authorized for redistribution.


  1. Hi, James! I'm Matt from Mithgarthr Entertainment (, and I just wanted to leave you a note to say that I LOVE these icons. They are exactly what I've been looking for for my dungeon maps. Very reminiscent of HeroQuest.

    I'm going to be using them in some upcoming adventure modules for the second edition release of the Mithgarthr RPG.

    Here's an example of how I'll be using them:

    I'll make sure and credit you in any module in which I use these.


    1. Cool. Always glad for feedback. Sorry for the late reply I'm getting back into gear online and digging through mountains of spam.