Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gammasaurs vs Teenage Mutant Cavemen

A common menace for Teenage Mutant Cavemen are Gammasaurs. These fearsome reptiles are a hazard as they terrorize, stomp and feed on Teenage Mutant Cavemen and any of The People they come across. Some are edible so desperate hunting parties may consider attacking a seemingly docile herbivore or a lazy lizard basking in the sun. Nests full of eggs are a considered a dangerous but nourishing treat that provides brave nest raiders with 1d4 meals per gammasaurus egg.

Most of The People will conduct a fighting retreat when a Gammasaur surprises them and leave anyone wounded or carried away to their fate.

No. Enc: 1d4 (15% of encounters are with a nest, 2-12 eggs)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90'(30')
Armor Class: 4 or better *
Hit Dice: 7/10/14*
Attacks: bite for 2d6 or as below
Damage: see below
Save: 4/5/7*
Morale: as below
Hoard Class: none
* Gammasaurs vary greatly and represent a number of different subspecies so their characteristics may vary as outlined following.

The giant mutant reptiles resemble large lizards with extra-pieces bolted on in imitation of ancient dinosaurs. They have grey, green and rust-colored scaly skin with long tails.
For specific capabilities of a Gammasaur roll on the following charts or pick to determine size, special attributes, attitude,edibility and nesting behavior

1.......Man-sized 7HD
2-4...Huge 10 HD, ignore all attacks that inflict 2 or less points of damage
Can trample for 2d6 (stunning 10% of time). grabs man-sized prey on bite attack roll of 20
5-6...Colossal 14 HD, ignore all attacks that inflict 3 or less points of damage
Can trample for 3d6 (stunning 20% of time), grabs man-sized prey on bite attack roll of 19-20

Prey grabbed in the jaws of a Gammasaur will be held firm and automatically hit next round (roll damage) and roll d6: 1-3:swallowed, 4-5:chewed- (held for next round),6: dropped

Attributes (roll 1d6-3, always have at least 1 attribute)
1-10....Fanged- bite attack upgrades to 2d8/3d6/4d6 depending on size
11-20...Clawed- gain 2 claw attacks that do 1d4/1d6/2d4 depending on size
21-25....Club-Tailed- the tail is a massive weapon that does 2d6/2d8/2d10 depending on size
26-28...Screaming- all within 100' must make a save vs Stun or be immobilized by fear for 1 round.
29-30...Chameleon will gain surprise on a roll of 1-4
31-40...Horned, may make a horn attack for 1d10/2d10/3d10 (double on a charge)
41-50...Darting a fast gamamsaur, moves 150'(50'), improve AC 1 step
51-55....Sail-back- a large sail on back deflects primitive missiles 33% of the time.
56-60...Spitting -3 times a day the creature spits a glob os noxious goo at target which blinds it for 2-12 rounds if save vs breath weapon fails.
61-64....Spewing- 3 times a day may spit an acidic breath weapon in a 60' long, 5' wide stream that does 2d6/3d6/4d6 damage, this acid does half damage on second round if initial save failed.
65-66...Spraying- 3 times a day this creature sprays all to it's rear with a nauseating cloud of gas which will incapacitate those that fail to save for 1-4 rounds and double chance of random encounters for 2 days.
67-70...Spiked- body covered with spikes any attacks it makes except for bite get +1d6 damage
71-77....Long Necked- can reach up to 10'/20'/40' away with bite attack
78-80....Poison Bite- bite is poisonous, determine intensity randomly
81-90....Plated- tough carapace improves AC by 2 steps. ignore any attack of 5 or less damage.
91-98.....Physical Mutation- roll up a standard random physical mutation
99-100...Intelligent- uh oh, smart as a man can plan and has 20% chance of a mental mutation.
If an attack is re-rolled increase the lethality a step in size or upgrade the dice.

1-2.....Timid Vegetarian, Morale-7,
3-4.....Cranky Herbivore, will spit out man-sized bite victims, Morale-10
5-6.....Lazy Lizard, ignores man-sized creatures unless they press the matter, Morale-9
7-14...Eating Machine, if it notices something it starts eating, Morale-12
15-20...Carnosaur, It knows Teenage Mutant Cavemen are made of yummy meat, Morale-11

1-5...Edible, may be eaten
6-7...Inedible, can't be eaten tastes foul and will not be digested
8-9...Poisonous, flesh exposes those attempting to eat to random intensity level of poison
10....Irradiated, flesh exposes those attempting to eat to random intensity level of radiation

At The Nest
1-2...Cannibalistic eats own young, activity at nest attracts hungry adult 2 in 6
3-10...Lay eggs and abandons nest, activity at nest attracts adult 1 in 6
11-15...Protects nest until young hatch, activity at nest attracts adult 3 in 6
16-19...Raises young until they leave nest, activity at nest attracts adult 4 in 6
20...Raises young until they are 1/2 grown, activity at nest attracts adult 5 in 6

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