Friday, September 16, 2011

Mini Dungeon #1

An graphical mini-Dungeon for use with any dungeon exploring fantasy RPG.

This map uses images from my OCD Door Chart a selection of monster icon from my Undead Map Monsters and Humanoid Map Monsters sets.


  1. LOL The layout reminds me of a HeroQuest map - including the little green circles around the monster icons. Good work!

  2. Nice style. :) I agree with Malcadon, makes me think of HQ and AHQ maps. :) Or Nethack even! :)
    Would a gold coin or chest not be more universal or graphical when representing treasure (I mean, I'm thinking about your international market here :) )

  3. @malcadon, I was certainly inspired by by those sources.

    @BB, Treasure containers might indeed be a good idea. To my U.S. mind money/treasure leaps tot he mind instantly with a $.