Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Map Mutants

The following image is part of a collection of mutant map icons. These and those that will follow in future posts are compatible in size with my earlier posted Map Monsters. These are meant for use with pretty much any post apocalyptic setting with wahoo mutants. I drew on a few sources and a particularly cunning fan of the post-apocalypse genre might be able to identify their inspiration.

Intelligent Mutants are indicated with a vertically pointy hex and unintelligent ones have a flat top. A future post will have weapon icons to indicate tech level and very general armament to place under the icons above.

Legal Mumbo-jumbo:
These map symbols are copyright 2011 by James D. Jarvis, anyone is free to use them for private, shared or commercial projects all I ask is to be notified about the project (a comment here would work fine) and to be credited for my contribution to your project (a link to this post would be cool). An exact copy of the specific image above isn't authorized for redistribution.

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