Thursday, September 15, 2011

Foes Defeateted Recently In Regular Game

A quick Roster of foes the PC's have defeated in my regular game over the past few months with a few notes, just for the heck of it.

1 Vampire
, a vampire thief actually, players never saw that coming took a couple sessions to track down and lay low
4 Young Vampires
, three very young as they were hirelings/help of PCs turned by the Vampire above.

1 Young Howlie
. a Sasquatch
1 Disease Demon, the New Lands is an odd place diseases are often embodied by demons that latch onto mortals and must be battled on the astral plane to successfully cure disease.
over 54 Hillmen of the Snake Garter Nation.(well not all men about half were women and children)
1 Black Bear, poor thing was in wrong place really
1 Wood Spirit , a Dryad tricked but not slain
6 Dwights, Dwarven Wights
3 Crocigators, large crocodiles
1 Pestilence Spirit, A re-skinned Balrog (it killed 2 PCs)
2 Muck Ogres, re-skinned Hill Giants
2 Chimera, this mated pair left behind a nest of eggs the players never found (the pair killed 1 NPC)
1 Eight Headed Hydra

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