Friday, October 7, 2011

Cast your vote for Feltothraxis

The polls will close soon: Cast your vote for Feltothraxis.

With all due consideration and thanks to scottsz

Cast your vote for Feltothraxis
Who's breathing fire on all new taxes!

Fair and Just and reaching higher;
Protects our lives with breath of fire.
Cares not for passing guilt or blame,
Incorruptible by games.

Don't listen to Sully's braggart claims!
While all the others are the same,
This wyrm's platform will proclaim
That deeds - not words - can't be defamed.

So fear not that you will misname
This leader of ancient and untamed.
Call him Harry, George or Dane
And vote for Change's Hopeful flame...

For Feltothraxis is his name!



    This isn't a game...

    THIS... IS... FELT !!!!

  2. I asked my Facebook friends to vote, it's put a whole new wrinkle in the poll.