Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sully Scandal

Well it seems Sully is ahead in the polls over Feltothraxis. This injustice can't be allowed to continue.

I hate to fling mud here but ...It's come to my attention that some Sully proponents have been know to consort with Gelatinous Cubes and Rust Monsters. What ill fate will that portend for the nameless dragon?

If you haven't voted for Feltothraxis yet please do so, only by your participation can our fragile democracy be saved.

The dragon needs a name.


  1. This just in noted Feltothraxis supporter JDJarvis slams the Sullian's dungeon recycling initiative.

  2. This fear-mongering by some Feltothraxis supporters must stop!

    As true dungeon-dwellers know, all dungeon denizens are important and valued members of the underground economy.

    In truth, Sully HAS consorted with Gelatinous Cubes and Rust Monsters--and he's damned proud to call these hard-working citizens of these fine catacombs employees, neighbors, and yes, even friends.

    Let the record show that Caroline G. Cube is employed by Sully to clean his lair on a semi-annual basis, and if you check with The Mad Archmage's tax collector, you will find that all the proper paperwork and tax contributions are in order.

    Sully is particularly pained that those in the Feltothraxis camp are playing the Rust Monster card. Sully's best friend since his hatchling days is a Rust Monster, although Sully reports that he goes to great lengths to visit Harold on neutral ground (usually in an underground temple of one of the Orcus cults) lest his own hoard be turned to rust.

    Mister Feltothraxis, this whisper campaign must end! We cannot afford to split the party any further unless it results in tasty, tasty halfling pie.

    In this golden age, in this renaissance of yesteryears, we must look back toward the future to find our way from the past into a better present tomorrow!

    Vote for Sully!

  3. I'll admit I've had interaction with Gelatinous Cubes, some of my slowest retainers have become one with them, but no quarter can be given in association with equipment chomping Rust Monsters.

    A vote for Sully is a vote to get rid of your beloved +2 Sword.

  4. Gelatinous Cubes and Rust Monsters are the least of your worries, fools! Trust I have no shortage of devious and delicious kobolds at my command, a whole pack of gnolls to do my bidding and even a pet aboleth to help my in my twisted plot to take over the world! Mwa haha!

    Vote for Sully!

  5. Kobolds and Gnolls, oh my...
    How long do we have to wait for pictures "accidentally" sent to a succubus to surface?

    A Vote for Feltothraxis is the right thing to do.