Sunday, October 23, 2011

Months of Adventure

The following is an outline and map of the exploits of the black-heart treasure seekers that are the PCs in my regular Tuesday night game.

A. June 1st. Party arrives in The New Lands from Aroa as part of The Fifth Fleet, 2 ships were lost. Some rigors were suffered.

B. July 1st-Sept 1st. Party raids into Snake Garter territory to go scalp hunting. They are accompanied by cousins of the Wellaganch and find safe harbor in a village of those people. A hunt in Howlie territory is a success one adolescent Howlie is tracked and slain. Raid on Snake Garters is successful but stirs up hostilities in the region. Party returns to Sophia with several dozen scalps.

C. Party hears rumor about "Cities of Gold" from an explorer and learn they can be found from a place known as The village of the Red Roofs. They book passage on he Shellcrest and stop over in Casa Fino.

D. Sail to River of Red Swords

E. Sept 10-15th travel and most freindly contact with Makar Tribesmen.

F. Sept 16th-Oct 4th. Obelisk and Hill Discovered. Party enters tunnels beneath encounter undead guardians. Devoto and Thorgrim cursed with illness. Party returns to tunnels and battles Pestilence Spirit. Brom and Devoto slain and Thorgrim is cured. Dan Black takes custody of Sword of Pestilence. Details in Night of the Dwights post.

G. OCT 15 Shell crest ruined in storm. Survivors join party on long trek home.

H. Jan 23. Party arrives in Casa Fino. 1 Horse, wardog and retainer slain in travel. Party returns briefly afterward to Sophia.

I. Feb 17. Party Arrives in Puerto Esperanza to hire ship and mercenaries for expedition.
Some comment on that here.

J. March 8th. Party Leaves Puerto Esperanza on The Black Eagle of The Sea. Bad weather slows progress.

K. The Black Eagle sails upriver. Further friendly contact and trade made with the Makar.

L. April 8th .Battle with the Benecapka. 1 man-at-arms and 1 sailor slain.

M. April 16th. Arrive at Village of Balck Roofs. It is in ruins having been raided nby Snake Garters weeks earlier.

N. April 26th successful trade with Skullstirrer a Snake Garter Warchief to purchase slaves from the Village of Red Roofs gives party further clues to location of the nearest city of gold.
>>>OOPS: note N happened just north of M. some gremlin erased it rom the map.

O. April 30th . black Eagle Travels up Shamawa River but can only go so far.Anchor is set, camp is built and boats taken upriver.

P. May 5th. City of Gold spotted in morning sun. A large pueblo cliff-side city spotted glowing in morning sun as if made of gold. Players have scouted "city" and launching a raid.


In real life the play outlined above was from play this early summer to the past week.


  1. Wonderful path, you played a lot of.

  2. Cool. I like the story progression.

  3. Just getting caught up on the blogs after a break and I must say, this just rocks...great game.