Sunday, October 2, 2011

Post-Apocalypse Map Symbols 3

20 map symbols/icons for post apocalyptic hex maps .

Legal Mumbo-jumbo:
These map symbols are copyright 2011 by James D. Jarvis, anyone is free to use them for private, shared or commercial projects all I ask is to be notified about the project (a comment here would work fine) and to be credited for my contribution to your project (a link to this post would be cool). An exact copy of the specific image above isn't authorized for redistribution.


  1. Those are very nice, thank you for sharing!

  2. Very nice map icons! Great work!

  3. Damn, you are stoking my desire to do some post-apocalyptic play. Love some of your ideas here: the mud-locked dome is calling to me!

  4. Glad you all liked them. Even happier when I can inspire.

  5. Using this for a Dead Earth campaign over at Your tiles are 100x better than the system deserves.

  6. Hey man I love these! I am working on a little mutant future campaign that I would love to put up for free when I'm done. (just on my blog). If its okay, I would like to use these hexes on the maps. I'll put the above information within the pdf. is this cool?

    1. Yes it's cool, it would be in line with the legal mumbo jumbo.