Monday, October 31, 2011

You don't have to outrun the zombies... [SPOILERS]

I've been enjoying Season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC.


I must say:

Shane, you don't have to outrun the zombies, you only have to outrun Otis, how hard is that you low down creep?

Now I know some readers of the comic might not have been surprised Shane did something low and all for himself but the shot in the leg caught me off-guard.

If by some odd chance you are reading this blog and have cable television and haven't see the Walking Dead do yourself a favor and do so. Season 1 and current episodes were on demand for those with digital cable and the website is full of goodies and episodes.

There's a goofy but entertaining talk show trailing the episodes on AMC called the Talking Dead, it's superficial and silly but still entertaining, I've been watching it a day or so later so it doesn't break the mood of the episodes for me. The comic creator was on episode 2 and his discussion of the show was enough to soothe a lot of nerd-rage about differences in the comic and the show.

In closing, don't shoot the fat guy in the leg when being chased by a zombie mob, the zombies don't cap each other to get at a snack.


  1. My whole problem with that was that unless I am mistaken Otis had made at least one offer to stay behind (other than in the gym). I could be mistaken though. regardless it was a pretty shocking event though given the character (he left his friend behind in the hospital during the outbreak and then lied to his wife and slept with her) I should be more shocked that it shocked me.

  2. It definately took me off guard, especially after Otis had refused to leave Shane behind just minutes earlier. My wife and were totally,"OH MY GOD!" when he did it! It's an awesome show. For me I don't mind that it differs from the comic, I prefer to be surprised.

  3. Play at my game last night was delayed as we all talked about The Walking Dead and the zombie apocalypse. Shane definitely won the rat-bastard award according to my game group.