Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Old Adventure

Here's a small dungeon adventure I discovered in one of my game boxes. From the content I'm figuring it was from 1988-1990. The adventure is nameless and seemingly set in a mountainside monastery somewhere in the twisted land where the PCs find themselves through magical circumstances (see room 4). The "Xs" on the map are from when this was played sometime long ago.

1. Guard Chamber, 2 Barkbrothers HD:1 hp: 3each AC:7 Atk:1for 1d6. They will both bark at intruders, 1 will run for help and the other will hold off intruders.

2. Bunk Room, 12 rough bunks. There are 6 Barkbrothers here. there is a 40% chance they will be alerted by noise prior to PCs reaching the room. HD:1 hp: 3each AC:7 Atk:1for 1d6.

3. Unoccupied Chamber. 4 Bunks. (4sp hidden under one). Stashed in the rubble is a small chest with 100 g.p., potion of healing and 3 books.

4. Ram Priest Level 5 Cleric HP: 16 At:1 for 1-6 or spell. Has accidentally summoned the characters to the twisted land with his black crystal orb. 300 g.p. worth of jewelry on ram Priest.The shrine has 2,000 g.p worth of trimmings.

5. 2 Wulfen guards AC:6 HD:2 HP:6 AT: 1 for 1d6

6. Prisonsers. 2 monks. 1 level 1 cleric- weak, 1 level 7 cleric -weak with some spells.

7. Kitchen. 3 Ratters working here HD:1 HP:2 each Atk:1 for 1d4. Hidden in the kitchen is 40 s.p. The ratters are busy preparing a slain monk for dinner.

8. Oxen guardian AC:6 HD:3 HP:12 Atk:1 for 1d10+3. Mean, big and dumb.

9. Luxurious Chamber. The leader of the bad of beast-men resides here. Lion Prince Fighter 4. Hp: 18 AC:9 (4 in armor). Miscellaneous treasures worth 1,000 g.p. (half of it former property of the monks)

10. Closet. full of worthless junk. 1 in 6 chance to find 400g.p. chalice. check for searcher discovery each turn of searching.

11. 4 Barksisters. 1 is pregnant with pups. 20 g.p. cheap jewelery among them.

12. 6 Barkpups.

13. Supply room. 6 months of supplies for 100men. 16 barrels of wine. 1 Barrel has a pouch of gems secreted within worth 100 g.p.

14. Treasure Chamber. 5 chests.
Chest #1: trapped with posion spike and empty. intensity 3 poison.
Chest #2: trapped with sleep gas. Holds 3 potions of cure light wounds.
Chest #3: trapped with posion spike .Contains mixed coins worth a total of 100 g.p. and a green crystal shard.
Chest #4: Unlocked and empty. If disturbed there is a 3in 6 chance a nest of biting bugs is disturbed. Bite is painful but harmless.
Chest #5: Locked. 500 g.p.

Modern Notes: I was into trapped treasure chests in those days. I'm figuring the "intensity 3 poison" is in line (more or less) with the poison from the judgesguild ready ref sheets. In brief that'd be 3 pts of damage for 3 rounds on a failed save.

The Twisted Land saw a number of incarnations in my campaigns over the years in general it's a land of disruption and wild magics where monsters unknown to the outside world dwell and sometimes spill out of.

I was seemingly on a beastmen kick when this was drafted. I'm thinking I used 1d6 for hitdice for some reason given the low HP #'s for the monsters.


  1. An interesting glimpse into the past, good sir. I got some great visuals just reading over this.

    I confess I never really used beastmen when I was younger, but I'm rather keen on them now. Funny how that "phase" strikes at different times for different people.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cool, I can see using this for Mutant Future with some minor tweaks.

  3. This post inpired me for my Mutant Future game the other day. I used all Goatmen beastmen (mutants) in an old High School. Lots of fun!