Thursday, November 25, 2010

32 additional dungeon geomorphs

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving and managed to avoid black friday fun
here is set Six of my 5 x 10 block dungeon geomorphs

These dungeon geomorphs are meant to be used on their own or to go along with other dungeon geomorphs available on the web.


  1. Dude,
    You have gone geomorph happy! Take a break (or do some 10x10s).

  2. I'll be making more but not at the rate I pumped out the 5x5's and 5x10's as they are mostly meant to be in-betweener sections for larger geomorphs and I wanted to get them posted first.

  3. These remind me of the tokens in the game Deathmaze a solo dungeon adventure game by SPI.

  4. Haven't seen Deathmaze in years, now I must go dig about in my boxes as I'm pretty sure I still have a copy.