Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Dungeon Geomorph Collection

I've compiled all of the dungeon geomorphs I've posted over the past week and a few extra in this document available on google docs: A Dungeon Geomorph Collection

The geomorphs in the collection have a simple grey fill instead of the fancy one used in the postings on this blog to make it easier for users to edit maps of their own.

UPDATE:  The link to the file is currently misbehaving for me, I alos tried to edit the old one to re-post and it's password locked... surprisingly enough I can't recall a password from over 5 years ago.   I'll be recreating this collection from original files and making the newer edited version available soon.


  1. Any chance to get a copy made with the hatching fill instead of the grey fill?

    They fit in better with my own geomorphs that way.

  2. Just realized my security settings change made access to this file change, I'll try to fix that in the nnext day or so.
    Might need to get some new ones done.