Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T&T stats for a few Tekumel beasties

I posted a version of these over at http://trollbridge.proboards.com/index.cgi some time ago. Here are a small handful of Empire of The Petal Throne Monsters presented with mostly the same stat style as my last T&T monster post.

Aqaa "the worm of the catacombs"
MR: 36/72/108 Speed: 12
ATK: +18/+36/+54
Armor: 8pts
special: swallow man sized prey SR 3/6/9 to avoid)
stats given for small/medium/large specimens
IQ: 3

Birdlu "the mantle"
MR: 25 Speed: 9
ATKs: +12 armor: 5pts
special: Constricting crush, SR 4 to break free.May not be cut with chlen-hide weapons.
IQ: 3

Dlaqo "the carrion beetle"
MR: 18/24/54 Speed: 6
ATK:bite +9/+12/+27
Armor: 8pts
special: cowardly

Hliir "the beast with the unendurable face"
MR: 48 Speed: 12
ATK: +24
armor: 8pts
special: looking at it causes insanity; Sr 4 save to avoid insanity.
IQ: 6

Hra' "the blood sucker"
MR 42 Speed: 12
ATK: With Weapon +21
Armor: 2 pts
Special; reanimate in 2 turns following "death" unless touched by the amulet of the greater god.
Priests of Ksarul have 15% chance of controlling any Hra' they meet.

Huru'u "the howler"
MR: 15 Speed: 9
ATK: +18*
Armor: 2 pts vs chlen-hide weapons only
Special: may be driven off by protective magics (vs good/evil) or by fire.
Constant howling deafens all within 10' of them. (SR 4 each round to avoid)
IQ: 10


  1. I am really glad to see more people interested in Tekumel. Sometimes, it has felt like there's four of us in the whole world.