Friday, November 26, 2010

follow up on an old map

In this post I shared an old map my father drew in years past, prior to out playing D&D.

Turns out it was indeed very much prior to our playing D&D as it seems to be the latest iteration of a map to go along with stories my father was working on in highschool. The map I posted would have been drafted between my father's senior year in highschool and my birth.

The map would have traveled outside of the U.S., returned to U.S. and floated about among my parents stuff for years (surviving 8 or so moves). Sometime in the mid-late 80's it found it's way into my Worlds of Wonder box set (it may have been in an old bundle of art supplies prior to that) it then traveled with me on 4 more moves where it sat forgotten in that Worlds of Wonder Boxed set until I recently rediscovered it. So it survived about a dozen moves (2 countries and 3 states).

My father saw it again today for the first time in 40+ years. I wish I'd recorded the event in video as his reaction was a wonder to behold, rediscovery and youthful wonder on my dad's face. It's probably been one of the best Thanksgivings of my life.


  1. Heartwarming, thank you for sharing this :)

    Great map too!

  2. That's great, and I'm sure the rediscovery brought back some great stories about those stories, too :D


  3. Great story! Thanks for sharing!