Wednesday, November 24, 2010

44 Dungeon Geomorphs

Set Three of my 5 x 5 block dungeon geomorphs

These dungeon geomorphs are meant to be used on their own or to go along with those available at:

All those sets are 10 x 10 blocks of geomorphs and these 5x5 sets could be used to change a segment on those or used in-between the larger geomorphs.


  1. These are great, but I've never really used geomorphs. Do you just randomly select them from the stack? Beyond that, how did you make them?

  2. One could certainly select them randomly. I usually root about and pick ones that seem like they fit a given section of dungeon and I'm not too afraid to use duplicates and near duplicates.
    I whipped these sets up using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The fill pattern was drawn with the pen tool in Photoshop and I added noise and blurred to give it the look it does.

  3. I'll be posting about your awesome additions to our geomorphic extravagances on my blog on Saturday. Great stuff!