Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Tunnels and Trolls monsters

Some Tunnels and Trolls monsters from yesteryear. Since Tenkar is mentioning Tunnels and Trolls so often these days I figured I'd share some monster notes that were in my 5th edition T&T boxed set that I wrote up many a year ago. Nothing too amazing just a non-standard method I used with a bit more detail then straight MR.

Creature Format
M.R.- Monster Rank
ATK- Attack, The normal Adds the monster gets in combat for each attack it can make. (1 die is rolled per 10 pts, or fraction thereof in current MR no bonus applied outside of adds in ATK).
Speed- The monster speed rating is used for movement and dodging.
Armor- the monsters typical natural armor rating
IQ- monsters average Intelligence
NE.- Number encountered/ normal level

MR= 12 Speed= 12
ATK= Any Weapon, goblins have a flair with missile weapons and get 3 ads with them.
Armor- as per armor worn
IQ= 9 NE= 3-18/1

MR= 18 Speed=9
ATK= Any Weapon, can also go at it tooth & claw with adds equal to 1/2 current MR.
Armor= as per armor worn, often use shields
IQ= 7 NE= 2-12/1

MR= 54 Speed=10
ATK: bite in single combat with 18 adds, general melee with claws for 11 adds. Can use weapons with 9 adds.
Armor= 1pt for tough hide
IQ=6 NE=1-6/2

MR= 75 Speed= 11
ATK= bludgeon for 35 adds, bare hand for 12 adds
IQ= 6 NE=1-3/3

MR 9 Speed= 12
ATK= 2 adds or by weapon.
IQ= 9 NE= 4-24/1

Wolf Brothers
MR 35 Speed= 12
ATK= tooth and claw for 15 adds.
IQ=6 NE= 2-12/2

Clawed Drake
MR:90 Speed=13
ATK= general melee for 45 adds. Single combat: flame spit as 10 dice missile
Armor= 10 point scaled hide
IQ= 4 NE:1/5


  1. Inspired in its simplicity and efficiency.
    --Good stuff. :)

  2. Good stuff. Once I get thru the review pile I'm going to need to decide 5.5 or 7.5 when my T&T campaign gets rolling. Nice options here for 5.5

  3. Nice to see these. I'm running a T&T campaign through facebook if you want in, check it out.