Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10,000,000 Gold Pieces

Doing some campaign design and tinkering and for some odd reason I decided I'd set a limit on how many characters there are of each level. I came up with:

1- 18th level
2- 17th level
3- 16th level
4- 15th level
5- 14th level
6-13th level
8- 12th level
10- 11th level
12- 10 th level
24- 9th level
48- 8 th level
96- 7th level
200- 6th level
400- 5th level
800- 4th level
1600- 3rd level
3200- 2nd level
6400- 1st level
64000- men@arms rank and specialists
1,280,000- commoners (that aren't specialists or m@arms)

If all those NPCs gained about 90% if their exp from loot about 85,000,000 gp had to be won by the exploits if they are considered to have been bound by the same rules of advancement as PCs.

All that money will not still be sitting in their coffers. I myself make PCs spend the money to get the exp so NPCs will have done the same.

Taxation,rents, duties and such keep 1,920,000 g.p. in circulation. Calcualted at 1 g.p. per commoner and 10gp a year for/from specialists.

For a totally arbitrary reason I decided that's about 20% of all easily transported, easy to spend wealth. So in the whole campaign there would be 10,000,000 g.p. (in total easy wealth) in the coffers of men and those that do business with men.

I'm breaking it down to :
1,000,000 g.p. in gems and jewelry
2,000,000 g.p.
20,000,000 s.p.
500,000,000 c.p.

That's a lot of money: 10,440,000 lbs of coin at 50 coins to the pound; 5,220 tons. At least it sounds like it.

Hmmm... will this experiment work out?


  1. 500,000,000 c.p.?

    That all totally fits in one backpack right?

  2. Years ago I caught a player with over 100,000 coins in his backpack. We were playing with 1/2 ounce coins the time. He'd been collecting all the copper coins everyone else ignored for about 2 years of game play.

  3. Sometimes I think I should just say they all have a magical debit card or something and be done with it.