Saturday, November 12, 2011


Gather around hearths found in dungeons at your own peril. Santa Claus is not the only think one may find tramping through a fireplace.

Fireplace (roll 1d100)
1-10 Elemental: A fire elemental dwells within the fireplace. Make a reaction check to see how it feels about being disturbed.

11- 25 Ever Lit: The fire in this hearth will never go out.

26- 35 Noisome Flue: A fire lit in this place will produce a mist as per the mists table.

36- 50 Chef's Surprise: a cook pot used in this hearth will act as a cauldron from the cauldron table.

51-60 Closed Flue: a fire lit in this will fill the room with smoke in 1-2 turns.

61-75 False Flames: an illusion of warm flames, will not cook and will allow one to freeze to death if conditions permit.

76-85 Wraith Flames: any who come within 20' when a fire is lit within must save vs death or lose a level in the presence of the clearly ghostly flames.

86- 90 Frost-fire: a fire lit in this fireplace will freeze all solid within 30' of the fireplace for as long as the fire burns should they fail a saving throw.

91-100 Hearth of Mysteries: A fire lit within this place will allow one resting at the hearth to use it as a fireball.

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