Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Dungeon depths are often noted for the presence of a wide variety of fantastic fungus. Here are several interesting or troublesome varieties.

Fungus Form and Coverage
1-5 Mold covering other features/fixtures nearby.

6-8 Mold covering wall, 30-180 feet covered in mold.

9-11 Mold covering floor, 30-300 feet covered in mold. Impossible to tread on without disturbing.

12-13 Mold covering ceiling, 30-300 feet of ceiling covered in mold.

14-18 Jelly Roll in a patch, 5-20 feet across. Samll folk may enter patch without disturbing on 1-4 in 6.

19-20 Slime Mold covering other features/fixtures nearby

21-24 Slime Mold covering wall in a 20-80 foot area

25-26 Slime Mold covering floor in a 20-80 foot area

27 Slime Mold covering ceiling in a 20-50 foot area, anyone passing beneath may have slime drop on them on 1-2 in 6.

28 Slime Mold filling room/tunnel making it impassible.

29-32 Tiny Mushrooms in a patch 5-20 feet across. No more six inches high, it may be possible to step through area slowly at 1/1oth normal speed without disturbing fungus (1-4 in 6).

33-36 Tiny Mushrooms covering floor. 50-300 area covered as above.

37-39 Tiny Mushrooms growing from wall. Usually harmless unless intentionally disturbed. they cover 30-300 feet of contiguous wall.

40-49 Large Mushrooms
in a patch, these fungus grow up to 6 feet high and the caps are up to 4' in diameter in an area 5-20 feet across. Small creatures may pass enter a pacth without disturbing them 90% of the time, man-sized folk 1-4 in 6 (if moving 1/2 speed or slower).

50-58 Large Mushrooms covering floor,as above, but 30-300 foot area.

59-65 Large Mushrooms growing from wall, as above but 30-180 foot area.

66-70 Giant Mushroom, one single giant mushroom grows here. It will almost reach the ceiling of it' slocation and the cap will be 5-20 feet in diameter.

71-76 Giant Mushrooms in a patch, 3-18 giant mushrooms each 5-20 in diameter in close proximity to each other. The patch can be safely entered by small folks, medium sized character can do so without disturbing the fungus on 1-4 in 6. Large creatures may do so only 1-2 in 6.

77-79 Giant Mushrooms growing from wall, 30-300 of wall sprout giant fungus. The fungus grow out up 5-30 feet. Small folks may move in this space safely with a chance of 1-5 in 6. Man-sized folk are safe 1-3 in 6, large folk may only do so on 1in 6. Per 30 span.

80-81 Giant Mushrooms filling room/tunnel. Very dense growth of giant fungus, small folk may pass through without disturbing fungus at 1-3 in 6 if moving 1/2 speed or less, man-sized for moving 1/3 speed or slower will not disturb fungus 1-2 in 6 of the time, large creatures may n0t travel through this space at all without disturbing or clearing fungus.

82-84 Cave Coral in a patch 5-20, this crusty fungus is as hard and may sometimes support the weight of a man-sized or large creature (1-4 in d6).

85-86 Cave Coral covering floor, in a patch 50-300 feet across, this crusty fungus is as hard and may sometimes support the weight of a man-sized or large creature (1-4 in d6).

87-88 Cave Coral covering wall for 30-300 contiguous feet.

89 Cave Coral hanging from ceiling, the cave coral hangs down 2-5 feet from ceiling.

90 Cave Coral filling room/passage, area absolutely blocked by coral fungus for 50-300 feet. Cave coral may be as hard as chain-mail and has 20 hp per 10 foot section.

91-94 Riot of Fungus a dizzy assortment of fungus grows in a patch 5-20 feet across. no more than two feet high. This patch of fungus will 1d3 features rolled on the Fungus Properties Table below.

95-96 Riot of Fungus covering floor, as above but covering entire floor in a room or 50-300 feet of corridor, no more than two feet high.

97-98 Riot of Fungus growing from wall, as riot of fungus but covers 30-300 feet of contiguous wall

99 Riot of Fungus hanging from ceiling, hangs 2-5 feet down from ceiling, covering 20-120 feet of area.

100 Riot of Fungus filling room/passage, area completely overgrown with fungus, tiny beings may be able to move through freely all other will find it impossible to move faster than 1/1oth normal speed without disturbing fungus.

Fungus Properties (roll 1d100)
1-5 Shrieking increase chance of wandering encounters when disturbed.

6-10 Babbling: these fungus can be confusing to all nearby as the gibber, murmur and yammer. Those within an active an area babbling fungus must save or be confused.

11-12 Explosive: if disturbed these fungus explode causing 1d6 per 3 dungeon levels for every 30' covered (15 d6 max) to those up to 30' away from fungus.

13-17 Spore Shooting: the spores from this fungus are treated as mist, see mist table.

18-20 Slime Spewing: ejects green mold, grey-ooze, ochre jelly or black pudding when disturbed.

21-25 Mushroom Trap: much like a venus-fly trap . The tiny one are harmless. Large one or 2HD and may reach up to 5feet to bite. Giant ones are 5HD and may reach up to 3/4 their height to bite prey. Large ones may capture small prey, giant ones may capture man-sized prey.

26-30 Groovie Shrooms: if eaten these will cause intoxicating hallucinations for 3-18 turns.

31-33 Wizard's Shrooms: if eaten a by a magic0user they gain an extra casting of the spell detect-magic to use when they wish. If more extra castings are gained then the MU has levels they must save or be driven mad.

34-40 Deathcaps: these mushrooms are lethal poison if consumed. If gathered the poison will be useless in after one hour.

41-55 Chicken Shrooms: these nutritious fungus taste just like chicken.

56-60 Orange Shrooms: metal contacting this fungus rusts away two rounds after exposure.

61-65 Stinging Shrooms: this fungus shoots out spikes attacking as 4HD monster, victim must save or be 1: poisoned to death, 2-3: be confused, 4-5: fall asleep, 6: be consumed by mold as if attacked by green-slime.

66-70 Flash Shrooms:if disturbed they will flash with light bright enough to blind those within 30 feet for 1-6 full turns.

71-75 Black Spores: if disturbed this fungus emits black spores up to 20'. All who contacted the black spores will grow mold and be consumed as if by green slime.

76-80 Sickly White Fungus: if disturbed this fungus grows amazingly fast, filling the area and up to 20' away. Those who don't get away are trapped and will suffocate.

81-85 Barrel Fungus: treat the fungus as a fountain generated on the fountain sub-table.

86-92 Gnome Bane: this fungus emits spores that will entice gnomes up to 200' away to seek out the mushroom and eat it for 2-12 turns until their bellies are swollen. The gnomes are then relieved of the compulsion. 2-5 hours later the gnomes bellies will in fact explode killing the gnome while a fresh fungus patch begins to grow where the gnome falls.

93-95 Brain Eating: this fungus has an enzyme-like spore that infests anyone who touched the fungus and fails a save. They will lose 1 point of intelligence a day until cured or death at 0 intelligence. When they die they will sprout fungus.

96-98 Mastermind Mushrooms: these mushrooms will make mental attacks against foes within 20', those that don't save are controlled by the Mastermind Mushrooms as if by a Charm Person spell.

99-100 Infestor
: These mushrooms taste just like chicken but if eaten the victim will lose 1d6 points of CHA each day until taken over by the fungus when 0 CHA is reached. The infested victim will act as a normal member of it's type and class but is now a fungus, PCs will be an NPC controlled by referee.