Friday, November 11, 2011


Fountains may bubble forth freely or may have run dry until they are set to flow again by curious adventurers.

Fountain Table (roll 1d100)
1-30- Poison: anyone sampling this fountain must save or suffer 6d6 damage from poison. Posion removed from this will lose potency in a minute.

31-45- Grog: this fountain bubbles forth potent alcohol, anyone drinking of it (even but a sip) must save or be rendered drunk and suffer a -2 to hit and save penalty for the next 1d6 hours along with other associated hazards of drunkenness. The grog will typically lose potency if carried more then 50 feet from the fountain.

46-55- Potion: whoever tests the potion will receives the benefits or harm from a randomly determined potion. One more dose may be taken from the potion, attempting to carry away more will cause the fountain to run dry for the next 2-7 days.

56-60- Boiling: The waters of this fountain will suddenly boil is disturbed causing 1d4 dmage to anyone in contact, 6d6if fully immersed. Boiling water removed from the fountain will cool normally.

61-62- Rusty Water: anyone poking at this water must save or all metals carried will magically rust, any metal dropped in fountain waters will rust away in 1d3 rounds. The water has no power if removed from the fountain.

63-64- Mist: if tampered with the fountain will spew a randomly determined mist (see Mist post)

65- Midas Water: the adventurer sampling this water must make a save or they and all their equipment will turn to gold as if turned to stone. The fountain will be potable water for next 2-12 hours. Water removed from this fountain will be harmless an potable.

66-70- Attached Pool: the fountain either has an attached pool or has overflowed onto the floor. (see Pool post: to come)

71-72- Fountain of Weal: the first drink from this fountain will raise an ability by one point for a week. If other drink from the fountain the same ability point will be raised for a day. Multiple drinks will have no effect and water carried away will be but normal water once carried 50 feet away.

73-74- Fountain of Woe: the first drink from this fountain will lower an ability point by one point for a week, successive drinks will lower an additional point and extend the duration for an addtional week. Water carried away will be but normal water once carried 50 feet away.

75-77- Slime Spewing: The fountain sprays forth green-slime or other such deadly creature.

78-100- Potable Fountain: the water will be pure and normal regardless of surrounding environment.


  1. It is good it helps make our adventures varied. :) Thx! I'll try it.

  2. Hope it adds to some fun. I'd love to read about any use.

  3. What, no snakes?

    Or Water Demons for that matter?

  4. I'd didn't say it was the table of cliches did I ? ;-)

    There are plenty of critters lurking in nearby pool to boot.