Sunday, November 13, 2011


An enduring favorite dungeon feature.

Statue Table (roll 1d100)
1-5 Medusa Victim: 1-6 adventures or humanoids reacting in horror to spotting a Medusa (or similar monster) frozen in place. 10% chance within view of a Medusa Faced statue.

6-7 Medusa Faced: Anyone examining this statue must make a save or be turned to stone.

8-15 Toppling Titan: a large statue that is likely to fall over squashing those that don't get out of the way for 6d6 damage if they decide to tamper with it.

16-20 Spewing Statue: the mouth of the statue emits a Mist (see Mist post)

21-30 Gem Eyes: this very popular statue has gems for eyes (determine value of gems as per campaign). There is a 25% chance the statue has a second characteristic and a 20% chance whoever carries the gems is cursed.

31-35 Medallion: The statue wears a medallion/amulet or other appropriate item around it's neck.
roll 1d6: 1-3 normal treasure, 4 cursed normal treasuer, 5 curse magic treasure, 6 magic treasure. There is a 25% chance the statue has another feature.

36-40 Armed Statue: the statue wields a forged weapon in it's hand. 33% it animates if tampered with. 20% chance it has another feature.

41-48 Animated Statue: as per favorite rules or HD:8 AC:2 Atks:2 Move: 3, check for reaction.

49-50 Granite Oracle: this statue will answer one question a day. 1:lie, 2-:nonsense, 3: riddle, 4-6: truth

51-60 Broken Statue: a defaced victim of turn to stone.

61-62 Frozen Clockwork: a mechanical man desperately in need of oil.

62-65 Furnace Bellied: this brass statue is warm to the touch, tampering with is might cause it to spill forth lava which will burn all within 20' for 3d6 to 8d6 damage.

66-70 Mimic Monument: this statue will randomly look like one of any group of observers, if that observer tampers with statue they must make a save or they will swap their mind with the statue.

71-75 Grabbing Statue: this statue will attempt to grab anyone tamperingd with it an will hold them tight until they die. 33% chance a pile of bones lies at foot of statue.

76-80 Water Bearer: this statue holds a vessel that may be treated as a fountain (see fountain table)

81-85 Trapdoor Topper: the statue stands atop a trapdoor. 33% chance it has another statue feature.

86-89 Whispering Wizard: there is a 33% chance it will teach a Magic-user that visit the statue a randomly determined spell of 1st to 3rd level once a week.

90-92 Lying Wizard: this wizardly statue will curse a Magic-User trying to wrest a spell from it as if it were a whispering wizard.

93- 97 Silent Scribe: any message spoken to this statue will be recorded on a tablet held by the statue. Any previous message will be lost.

98-100 Iron Navigator: this statue will recite a verse that is a spoken treasure map 2-5 rounds after it is approached.

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