Monday, November 14, 2011


Some roots descend deep into the depths of the earth and can be found intruding on dungeon domains.

Roots may be found (roll 1d100)
1-10 Hanging threshold. The roots form natural curtain, an agile being may avoid. 10-20feet.

11-40 Dangling from ceiling. Short explorers can avoid these roots but taller folk must stoop or crawl to avoid them. 20-50 feet.

41-60Tangled on the floor. The roots slow travel to half normal unless one wishes to risk falling. Save or fall if moving over 1/2 speed. 20-120 feet.

61-80 Running along and through a wall. the roots are easily avoided if one keeps away from populated wall. 30-300 feet.

81-100 Choking a passage or chamber. the passage is virtually full of roots. Tiny folks may be able to move through at 1/3 speed others may squirm through at 1/10th speed or remove the roots. 30 to 180 feet.

Toughness of Roots (roll 1d100)
1-20 Feeble, may be struck as unarmored. Vines will be cut on any strike of 2hp or more.
21-75 Wirey, may be struck as if leather. Vines will be cut on any strike of 3hp or more.
76-90 Strong, may be struck as if chainmail. Vines will be cut on any strike of 4 hp or more.
91-100 Iron, may be struck as if plate armor. Vines will be cut on any strike of 6 hp or more

Roots (roll 1d100)
1-15 Pale Creepers: these pale unexciting roots don't do much at all but explorers will not always know that.

16-20 Blood Saps: these roots will attack at a monster of their dungeon level and will drain 1d6 each round until the victim is drained of all blood.

21-25 Thorny: these roots are covered in thorns, anyone moving quickly through them may be slightly harmed if they are unlucky. Make a 1HD attack for 1-3 damage if feeling cruel.

26-30 Constricting Creepers: these roots will react to contact by animating and attempting to strangle or crush victims. Attack as monster of dungeon level and the round after a successful hit they will inflict 1d6 damage per 3 dungeon levels automatically.

31-35 Thorny Tentacles: These roots will attack intruders and are able to reach up to 10' away. They atatck as monster of their dungeon level inflicting 1d6 damage per 2 dungeon levels.

36-40 Tangle Roots: these roots will animate and grab passers-by but cause no damage. treat as a web spell to escape.

41-43 Dart Roots: these thorny roots can fire 1-4 darts a round (per 10foot section) at passers-by inflicting 1-3 points of damage per hit.

44-45 Deadly Dart Roots: these thorny roots fire 1-3 darts a round (per 10 foot section)

46-55 Tap Roots: these roots are liquid filled and each 10' section can be tapped into to gather a gallon of water if one waits 2 turns. They will run dry for a day afterward.

56-57 Alchemy Roots: these roots are filled with liquid filled and each 10' section can be tapped into to gather a dose of potion if one waits 2 turns. They will be dry for a month afterward.

58-60 Toxic Tap Roots: these roots are filled with liquid that will poison one who sips the liquid from within. If tapped one does of poison can be collected per 10 foot section if one waits 2 turns. They will run dry for a week afterward.

61-63 Dew Roots: these roots will emit a mist if cut. See Mist Table.

64-65 Pump Roots: these roots if cut will start to flood the area they occupy and form a pool in 2d6 rounds. See Pool Table.

66-70 Whisper Roots: If cut these roots allow one to hear what is spoken near other cut sections of whisper roots. The cuts will seal within 3 days.

71-80 Red Roots: these roots are harmless 50% of the time otherwise they will strike for no damage but will rust a random piece of exposed metal equipment.

81-95 Tater Roots: these roots are nourishing a 10' section will provide 1-3 days rations if harvested. It will take a full turn of work to harvest one day of food.

96-100 Black Gusher: if cut this root will spray forth oil that will ignite as a thrown flask of burning oil if there are flames within 10' of the cut. A 10' section can be taped in but 3 rounds to supply a flask of oil and may be tapped again in an hour.

Identifying roots.
Any character can identify roots by interaction and experimentation. Dwarves, Gnomes and Druids mat note the type of root and it's properties by passing within 20'. A cursory inspection takes 2 rounds and one must be within 10'. Taking a cutting takes but 3 rounds a failed roll will result in harm to examiner if possible.
Type...........passing by......cursory inspection.....cutting

Other types may be adept at identify roots and nearby goblins, molemen and morlocks may know of the properties of roots near their abodes.


  1. JD -- I've been bookmarking/tagging all of these posts. They are great. Thank you for sharing them! Any plans to put them in one pdf or booklet?

  2. It's crossed my mind to compile them with nicer formatting and editing.

  3. These posts (I'm going backwards through archives) are really creative and interesting. I would say you have some of the most creative posts around recently.