Saturday, November 12, 2011


Massive cauldrons can be found scattered about the dark depths of the world and in a host of mysterious places.

1-15 Empty Cauldron: A normal empty cauldron, nothing special here.

16-20 Porridge Pot: This cauldron will produce 3d6+24 servings of porridge once an hour. Porridge will disappear if carried more than 100feet from cauldron.

21-30 Ever-needed Pot: This cauldron will produce 3d6+24 servings of porridge once an hour. Anyone who eats two or more servings of this porridge must make a saving throw or they will be magically cursed to keep eating from the cauldron. shoudl they attempt to move more then 100' away from the cauldron they will start to waste away suffering 1d3 hp a round.

31-40 Cauldron of Skulls: Remains placed in this cauldron will be reanimated as per animate dead. Up to 12 HD of creatures may be so created in a day. Roll to see what the animated dead do:
1- wander away, 2- attack the chef, 3-6 serve chef until destroyed.

41-50 Black Water: when filled with 10 gallons or more of water this large balck caldron will heat the contents which will 75% act as a fountain generated as per the fountain table.

51-60 Cold Brass Cauldron: if a fire is lit under this cauldron it will emit a mist as per the mist table.

61-70 Pitted Cauldron: within this pitted and rusted cauldron one will find rotten fare and fungus.

71-80 Silver Cauldron: this large silver cauldron will purify foul water and rotten food placed within up to three times a day.

81-100 Cauldron of Boiling and Toil: This cauldron acts as a crystal ball if stirred for 3 or more rounds.


  1. Excellent set of posts. Keep it up. I'm planning on using all of these when it comes to creating a new megadungeon

  2. There's a heap of them. Five more scheduled from now until Monday morning.

  3. Love it!
    Thanks for this series!