Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Big Bang [ART]

My youngest son just drew this , handed it to my wife saying "This my picture, this The Big Bang".
"What's the picture honey?" asked my wife.
"The Big Bang Mommy" said my son

So there you go, The Big Bang as drawn by my 27 month old son.
The wife and I are both a little surprised.


  1. How much done your son charge for artwork?


  2. You know, I wonder: do you watch The Big Bang Theory with him in the room? Because the picture actually reminds me a bit of the swirly cgi bit they have between scenes, or when coming back from commercial. It's usually pretty colorful, has an atomic nucleus with a couple spinning circles that swirl around it. I could easily imagine it attracting the attention of a small child.

    If so, that might actually be even more surprising.

  3. Thats pretty cool no matter how you slice it.

  4. We do watch the big bang show now and again. How he whipped up that image is still surprising, Mickey Mouse, Pirates, Dragons,"bobots" and zombies fill most of his play.
    He also recently drew a rocket that while scribbled and difficult to see (it looked like a big fish) it was still a rocket, with motion lines and hills, clouds and mountains in the background.

    I'm a illustrator and animator by trade, the wife is an instructional designer with a theater background and artistic skill. It sort of makes me wonder if Lamarckism isn't all that out of line ;-)