Sunday, November 13, 2011


A table offering a variety of features for murals, paintings, frescoes,tapestries, and banners.

Murals (roll 1d100)
1-10 Extra Room: the mural is another room that may be entered by climbing into the image.

11-15 Trapping:
looks like mural is another room but traps all who enter. At ref's discretion image may be a maze that must be navigated to escape or an entire sub-level of a dungeon.

16-20 Stairs: treat as staircase.

21-30 Statue: treat image as statue

31-40 Monsters: picture generates a monster every 1-3 turns when there are victims within 50 feet

41-50 Creepy:
images on mural shifts and squirms, some find it disturbing.

51-55 Grabbing: occupants of mural capture passersby. Treat as web spell for escaping.

56-60 Portal: picture is magical portal leading to elsewhere.

61-70 Treasure Chest: picture is really a magical treasure chest holding 1d3 treasures

71-80 Madness: anyone who pauses to admire or examine picture is driven mad for 2d6 turns.

81-90 Verses: will give a cleric a bonus 1st or 2nd level spell that may be used once.

91-100 Glyphs: will allow a MU to re-memorize a spell they already used today.

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  1. All of these tables are really awesome and just screaming to be used! Thank you for these!