Monday, November 14, 2011


Mirror Mirror on the wall, what's this mirror doing down here in the the dungeon?

All mirrors on this table are meant to be large free standing mirror or wall mounted mirrors, reflecting pools may also be used.
Mirrors removed from where they are found only have a 33% chance or retaining their abilities.

Mirror (roll 1d100)
1-10 Extra Room: another room beyond mirror, this room will appear opposite to the one the mirror is within. there could be different occupants and treasure within.

11-20 Mirror-men: mirror will generate simulacra of those who peer into it. On death of such a simulacra all equipment carried will shatter and crumble away to dust. If the simulacra are immediately hostile, mischievous impersonators or willing companions is all up to the ref and possibly a reaction roll.

21-30 Trapping: those looking into mirror will become trapped within on a failled save. Dispel magic or remove curse will might "open" the mirror allowing those inside to escape. Breking the mirror has a 50% chance of freeing prisoners or killign them (and losign their bodies and equipment).

31-45 Peering: functions as crystal ball up to three times a day to anyone who recites the proper command phrase.

46-50 Doppler: an item (living beings aren't items) left in front of the mirror for 1-3 turns will be duplicated and can be pulled from the mirror. Only works 1-3 times a day. Magical items will not be recreated with their magical properties and gems and jewelry have a 50% chance of being valueless glass and shinny pot-metal.

51-55 Thieving: looks like Doppler mirror, items left in front of it will disappear (living beings aren't items).

56-65 Images: The mirror will hold images and acts as per a mural on the mural table.

66-80 Mocking: this mirror will reflect embarassing images of those peering into the mirror. A save is required or the victim suffers a 2 point loss of charisma for a week.

81-95 Ego Mirror: peering into this mirror for 1-6 rounds will cause one's image to be reflected back in a more handsome and complementary manner. No save is allowed and the viewer gains one point of CHA and Loses one poitn of WIS per viewing up to 3 times a week. The effect lasts for a week.

96-100 Medusa Mirror: If one peers into this mirror there is a 33% chance a Medusa face appears in the mirror forcing ceiling the viewer to make a save or me turned to stone.

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