Saturday, November 12, 2011


The following table can be used with large basins, well crafted pools, baths, puddles and natural pools.

Pools (roll 1d100)
1-15 Shallow Pool: nothing special here the pool is only a foot or so deep.

16-25 Deep Pool: This pool may seem shallow on cursory observation but it is deep enough to drown those unable to swim.

26-30 Quicksand: The pool looks like a shallow pool but the surface beneath the water is quicksand.

31-33 Lava: the pool contains lava instead of water. Don't walk in the lava.

34-35 Kraken Pool: careful observation will reveal a kraken asleep in the bottom of the pool. It may attack if disturbed.

36-40 Money Changer: This pool will convert coins dipped into it's waters into coins of more valuable metal 80% of the time, 20% of the time coins will be turned to lead. Coins will dissolve if dipped in a second time.

41-42 Lady of the Lake: a spirit dwelling within the lake will cast a geas upon anyone disturbing it's waters. Anyone who completes the quest will be richly rewarded.

43-44 Transporter Pool: this seemingly deep pool will send swimmer to another pool somewhere else.

45-47 Treasure Pool: Treasures are visible at the bottom of a deep pool. 75% chance the treasure is real. The treasure is not always immediately visible.

48-50 Treasure Pool with Guardian: Treasures are visible at the bottom of a deep pool. A randomly generated monster of the appropriate level dwells at the bottom of the pool.

51-55 Drowned Statue: A statue lies at the bottom of this pool.

56-60 Murky Pool: The water is dark and clouded, the bottom can't be seen. There is a 75% chance it has another property determined on this table. Anything on the bottom will remain unseen.

61-65 Scummy Pool: A fetid and nasty pool, clearly filthy. There is a 33% chance it has another property determined on this table.

66-70 Slime Pool: This will appear to be a scummy pool as above but beneath the surface there lurks a large green-slime.

71-72 Rusty Pool: anyone entering this pool has all metal equipment rust away in 1-4 rounds.

73-75 Acid Pool: That's not water! Anything dipped or splashed by the water of this pool suffers 1d6 damage for 1-3 rounds, full immersion causes 6d6 a round. No normal container may safely carry the acid from this pool.

76-85 Piranha Pool: this pool is infested with cunningly hidden carnivorous fish (only seen on a 1 in 6). They will attack as a 4HD monster and inflict 1d12 points of damage.

86-90 Freezing Pool: pool magicall freezes in 1d3 rounds trapping all within. There is a 80% chance this pool has another feature as rolled on this table.

91-95 Geyser: disturbing this water activates a steaming geyser that will scald all within 30' who fail a save for 3d6 damage.

96-100 Frozen Pool: the pool is frozen over, the ice may break if one falls on the ice or tries to break it open. There is a 50% chance the pool has another property determined on this table.