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An old norse word for ferns, still used to identify a genus of coarse ferns.
Bracken can turn up in all environments except for deserts.

Bracken are a popular food supply for a wide variety of invertebrates. Bracken growths are dense enough to provide shelter for birds to nest within.

Bracken Fiddleheads , which are the immature tightly curled fronds of the plants, are often consider a culinary foodstuff. The author himself will readily admit to enjoying them.

Some bracken are poisonous to rodents and cattle should they ingest the plants and this makes them a nuisance to herders.

Getting some use out of Bracken in gaming:

Bracken can grow so dense it is virtually impassable. What looks like a patch of leafy ferns can turn out to be a super dense riot of foliage that can drastically slow one down.

Bracken can grow voraciously and the roots can go deep. Near surface ruins and dungeon chambers can easily be choked shut by the super dense growth. Since the plants like to grow in slightly dry spots where it is known to grow it can also be a way to spot where ruins and dungeons may be standing awaiting discovery.

A variety of beasts can lair within the bracken.Some of the insects known to dine on Bracken carry dangerous infectious diseases, such as ticks that carry lyme disease in north america. Birds use the shelter of bracken growths to protect their nests so too could a variety of more fantastic beasts such as cockatrice or basilisk.

I also simply like the word...Bracken, it just sounds cool.

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