Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mutant Berries III

More berries for your Mutant Future campaigns.

Yellow Gloom Berries
The berries grow on small withered black leaved bushes in areas generally devoid of other vegetation. These "glowing" berries don't provide enough light to see by and if eaten will expose the gourmand to an intensity 1d4+4 radiation attack, per berry eaten.
It's not well known but it is the seeds of the yellow gloom berry that retain the radiation.

Gloom Berry Syrup.
About 20 gloom berries must be harvested and carefully skinned. The skins are retained and are boiled in a pot with 2 quarts of saltwater. The liquid should be boiled off until the skins have mostly dissolved and there is not more then 2 cups of liquid left behind. The syrup may be applied to cloth, armor or other surface to resist radiation blasts; any directed radiation attack will be considered 2 intensities lower. the syrup retains it's effects for 1-3 days after application.

Nox Berry
Small black berries with yellow spots that grow on high bushes. These berries produce body wracking purgative effects. Eating one will sicken a human or humanoid for 1d6 turns. If eaten within a turn of a poisoning a new saving throw is allowed against a poison, any damage suffered previously is adjusted to account for the new save. Mutant animals will suffer the effects of a 1d8 intensity poison if they ingest a nox berry.

Floyd Berry
A variety of small oblong berries that grow on low rambling plants. During midsummer a patch of floyd berries will typically have 3d10 ripe berries on any given day.

Purple Floyd Berry
Eating a purple floyd berry will cause one to go blind for 1d6 turns. Otherwise they are nourishing and rather nice tasting.

Purple Floyd Berry Wine
Collecting the juice and skins of 24 purple floyd berries and allowing them to ferment will produce about cup of Purple Floyd Berry Wine. Drinking this wine will blind one for 2d6 turns but afterward they will discover they have precognition (as the mutation) for the next 2-7 hours.

Blue Floyd Berry
Getting the juice of one of these berries on the skin of a human or humanoid will force them to make a save vs poison or be overcome with vivid hallucinations rendering them helpless for 2-7 rounds. If one eats the 2 or more the hallucinations will render one helpless for 2-8 hours. Mutant animals, plants and androids are uneffected.

Lemon Floyd Berry
these bright yellow floyd berries smell of lemons. If 3 or more berries are eaten a save vs poison must be made or the victim will fall into a deep sleep for 2-7 hours and can not be forcefully woken until at least half that time has passed.

Lemon Floyd Berry Dust
If the seeds of 12 Lemon Floyd Berries are collected dried and ground up they will produce a powder that will reverse any soporific condition in but a round. (They wake one up). This will work to reverse ingesting lemon floyd berry itself even if half the sleep time hasn't' passed yet.

Yellow Floyd Berry
These berries are about as bright yellow as the lemon floyd berry but they do not smell like lemon. If one gets the juice on their fingers from a Yellow Floyd Berry they must make a save or be paralyzed for 2-7 turns. Eating the berrys will kill a human or act as random intensity poison vs humanoids and mutant animals.
Yellow Floyd Berry Paste
If 12 or more yellow floyd berries are collected and rendered stewed to a mush, dried, pulverized and then reconstituted they produce Yellow Floyd Berry paste. Each does of this paste will produce a paralytic poison of intensity 11 if injected in a foe by dart or coating a weapon . There is one does produced for each berry over 10 used to create the paste.

Silver Floyd Berry
Are harmless and have no effects on human or mutants. The leaves of the plant carry a contact poison requiring a save to be made if precautions aren't taken by one collecting the berries or expose the victim to a soporific toxin that will force them to collapse into sleep for 2-12 hours.

Silver Floyd Berry Incense
If the leaves of the silver floyd berry plant are carefully collected. Coated in the juice of the plant and allowed to dry and then tightly rolled (the contact poison has no effect once dried) a bundle of such rolled leaves can be burnt for 2-5 turns which will require all insects within 20' to make a save (each round of exposure) or fall asleep for 1-6 turns. Some people complain the smoke gives them headaches other say it calms them slightly but not enough to have considered impact on combat or wakefulness.

possible market values
Yellow Gloom Berries .... 3 lp
Gloom Berry Syrup. .... 20 up

Nox Berrys .... 2 up

Purple Floyd Berry ...... 5 pl
Purple Floyd Berry Wine .. 25 up per glass
Blue Floyd Berry .... 8 lp
Lemon Floyd Berry .... 3 pl
Lemon Floyd Berry Dust .... 9 lp
Yellow Floyd Berry .... 5 up
Yellow Floyd Berry Paste .... 6 up per dose
Silver Floyd Berry Incense ...2 up per roll

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