Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good Kids

My son is playing D&D once a week with some kids here in town age 13-16. He just recently joined the group and is really liking it. One part I like is the boys who were already members of the group had decided to forgo 4th edition and instead are playing 3.5 because the 4th edition makes a bunch of changes for no good reason then to try to make the company more money, according to the older two boys who own the most books other then my son. I find this interesting because they were exposed to zero old school evangelizing.

They are trading off DMing duties every month or so it seems and my son has gotten the reigns to DM for group with 1st level characters again, that way all the new players and old players can start with the same level characters so it's fair for everyone. These are pretty cool kids.

My son left a copy of Mutant Future with one of the boys and has apparently gone on to mention some of the other old-school games I enjoy; seemingly he has started one of them off searching the web for more about games like BFRPG, LL, S&W and Osric. I hope they like what they see and give more games a chance and really get a chance to learn what old school games are like.

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