Thursday, July 2, 2009

more weapons for Mutant Future [not done yet]

This idea is really half-formed at best but still worth sharing.

Ever wonder about the equipment lists in mutant Future and certain other games that take place after the fall of modern or decidedly post modern civilization? Sure it's fun running about with short swords and polearms while hunting spidergoats and it certainly sets the time as "elsewhen" but sometimes its fun to have the campaign more obviously taking place in the ruins of what could have seen our civilization.

Non-medieval starting weapons for Mutant Future.

pocket knife .... 1d3 .... 5 lp
switchblade .... 1d4@ .... 10 lp
belt knife .... 1d4 .... 20 lp
Bowie knife .... 1d6 .... 40 lp
Bayonet .... 1d4+1/1d6+1 mounted .... 30 lp
Machete .... 1d8 .... 50 lp
Katana .... 1d10 .... 150 lp

hockey stick .... 1d3 10 lp
hockey stick w/tacks .... 1d3+1 12 lp
Iron pipe .... 1d4 .... free
baseball bat .... 1d4 .... 30 lp
Spiked bat .... 1d4+1 .... 40 lp
Nun-chuks .... 1d4+1 .... 50 lp

slingshot .... 1d4 .... Range 20/40/60 .... 10 lp
zip-gun .... 1d10* .... Range 20/40 .... 50 lp
pipe-musket .... 1d10** .... Range 50/200 .... 100 lp

(prices are for 100 plastoons = 10 lead pieces = 1 uranium piece wasteland scavenger pricing)

@ (breaks on a to hit roll of 1 or 20)
*on a to hit roll of 1 or 2 something goes wrong
**on a to hit roll of 1 something goes wrong


  1. I dig it, but a the bat damage seems a tad low to me.

  2. Yeah the bat damage might not be high enough, Clubs are 1d4 and maces are 1d6 but bats are usually used two handed; it's still very much a work in progress and prone to change.

    Unfortunately I've had the pleasure of a reality check: I have been hit in the head with a bat and besides surprising the hell out of me and deafening me in one ear briefly it didn't do much damage (I think...hmmm).

  3. wooden or metal? my own experience (aluminum) resulted in micro blood clots that caused migraines for a year or so every few weeks. i'm fine with this here, just saying! thanks for the list, i finally went and ordered MF today and this will come in handy.